Micronauts Animated Show Releasing Later This Year Says Composer

Since Micronaut‘s heyday, the teeny-tiny cyborgs have been linked to several adaptationsThe Microverse heroes were supposed to receive a syndicated TV show back in the late 1990s with a tie-in Marvel comic series, but the project never materialized. In 2015, Paramount and Hasbro announced that they would attempt to create a cinematic universe centered on various toylines including Micronauts, G.I. Joe, and Transformers. Though the PHCU (Paramount-Hasbro Cinematic Universe) never quite arrived in full force, Paramount’s delayed Micronauts film directed by How to Train Your Dragon‘s Dean DeBlois is set as of now for a June release. If Paramount’s schedule holds and Edward-Francis’ update is accurate, Micronauts fans could be in line for a double dose of miniature toy-based action later in 2021.

Source: PopHorror

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