MCU’s New Captain America Actor Teases Differences To Steve Rogers

Before any viewers of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier get to see what John Walker’s Captain America is like, Russell does a great job of describing some of the key differences between him and Steve Rogers. Walker’s comic stories often show him as a more violent counterpart to Steve Rogers, and it seems Marvel Studios is keeping that aspect of the character here. Russell’s description of him as a “trained human hunter” is not a phrase that could ever be used to describe Steve Rogers. The actor even went on to mention in the interview that sometimes the world needs someone who is willing to get their hands dirty, and that appears to be John Walker.

There are already plenty of fans who don’t like Walker since he’s taken the mantle so quickly and gave a wink to the camera. He will surely become more at odds with viewers, and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier‘s main heroes, as the show explores some of Walker’s darker tendencies. But with Wyatt Russell also teasing that Walker thinks he’s doing the job the right way, the series might need to walk a fine line that allows viewers to understand Walker’s mindset. This is especially true if The Falcon and The Winter Soldier builds to the new Captain America working with Sam and Bucky.

Source: USA Today

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