Love Island’s Faye declares she and Teddy are ‘done’ after sweary tirade

Faye Winter has declared an end to her romance with Teddy Soares on Love Island.

The lettings agent was furious to see comments from Teddy that saw him say he was sexually attracted to Clarisse Juliette in Casa Amor.

The drama followed Teddy see comments Faye had made about him to the girls and also to Sam Jackson while Teddy was away from the villa.

The pair engaged in a highly heated conversation towards the end of the episode after Teddy made multiple attempts to speak to her but she repeatedly swore at him and told him to “f*** off”.

“I told you the truth and you told me jack s**t,” Faye shouted at Teddy.

Faye Winter declared that she and Teddy were “done” after the night’s events

Teddy responds: “So I lied to you?”

A fuming Faye shouts back: “Yeah you didn’t f***ing tell me the truth did you?”

As Teddy tries to argue his case, Faye shouts: “You didn’t f***ing tell me the truth!”

The boys were irritated by Faye’s shouting and accused her of “pushing people away”.

Later, after she came to blows with Teddy who was angered by her remarks and called her an “idiot”, Faye told the girls that they are “done” as there was no going back.

Teddy told Faye she was an “idiot” as she launched into her sweary tirades

Teddy was not the only one that Faye ripped into, as she clashed with both Jake and Dale.

She blasted Jake for “hyping” up the boys’ lustful behaviour in Casa Amor, while Dale attempted to defuse the situation but also faced Faith’s wrath.

Chloe Burrows praised Faye for her comebacks in the fiery episode.

Jake Cornish’s blood was “boiling” as he faced Faye’s wrath

“‘Oh you’re all like sisters to me’,” Faye says imitating Jake’s previous words before adding: “I hope no one treats your sister like you’ve f***ing treated us then, because you’d be f***ing livid, Jake!”

A defensive Jake shouted back at her: “Do you think it’s all me, yeah? Do you think it’s all me?”

The issues were not resolved by the end of the night either, with Liberty left doubting Jake’s character and his commitment to her.

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