Love Island viewers beg for translator as they struggle to understand Brad

Love Island viewers were begging each other for help, or the installation of a translator, after they failed to understand Brad McClelland’s strong Northern accent yet again.

The 26-year-old Northumberland labourer tried his best to win over newcomer Rachel Finni during Sunday’s episode, in an attempt to maintain his place in the villa.

It seemed to work too – seeing as Rachel admitted to him catching her eye almost immediately.

But while Rachel was definitely having fun with a series of flirty conversations with him, including a late-night chat and an early morning one-to-one by the pool, viewers were having a much harder time.

Brad has been turning on the charm with Rachel in a bid to stay in the villa

In fact, despite Brad turning on the charm for the past six episodes, there’s still moments and sayings viewers are struggling to understand from him.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “i think i need to hire a translator to watch love island with me when brad talks #loveisland.”

A second posted: “What is Brad saying, please help me #loveisland,” while a third added: “i didn’t understand a word brad just said #loveisland.”

A fourth viewer asked: “Anyone just do not understand a word Brad says? #loveIsland.”

While viewers may need a translator to understand some of Brad’s comments, they’re still falling for him – and that might just be enough charm needed for Rachel to save him.

He’s currently up against Chuggs Wallis for a space in the villa, with Rachel deciding which man she wants to keep.

Brad’s northern accent has been enticing fans – even if they can’t understand him

She was given 24 hours and a super sexy challenge to make her decision, with the final reveal being left on a major cliffhanger for viewers.

As the gang gathered around the fireplace, Rachel said that she was struggling to decide.

In her speech, Rachel said: “I feel we have a very similar take on life, we can talk about anything. He’s made me feel comfortable, he’s made me feel sexy, he’s made me feel f**king great.

“I’m excited to see where things go. so the boy I’d like to couple up with is….”

Brad has been fighting for his place in the villa against love rival Chuggs

Unfortunately, Love Island quickly let the credits roll so viewers remain none the wiser about who’s being dumped a little while longer.

His fate will be revealed on Monday – is Brad’s time in the villa up?

Or has he managed to survive another day?

Brad was first coupled up with Faye Winter when arriving on the show, but things turned sour when he then declared her the person he fancied the least in a snogging game.

Raging and embarrassed, the pair later clashed in the first argument of the series – and now she’s partnered with new boy Liam Reardon.

Brad also came under fire from Chloe Burrows for failing to ask her a single question during a conversation on the beanbags when she tried to get to know him.

When the next recoupling came around, he was left alone and vulnerable to be dumped from the show alongside Chuggs.

Only one of them can remain – with the decision in the hands of Rachel, who arrived as the latest bombshell on Friday.

While she admitted to fancying Brad immediately, she was seen throughout Sunday’s episode chatting with Chuggs and getting closer to him.

But which one’s done enough to persuade her to keep him around?

Love Island airs weekdays and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2.

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