Love Island fans think Liberty’s natural nails reveal bosses knew she was about to quit

Love Island fans have claimed that Liberty Poole’s natural nails prove bosses knew she was going to leave the villa ahead of the final.

Viewers took to Twitter to discuss the fact that the 21-year-old’s nails proved that she would not stay in the villa until Monday.

They noted that whilst the other girl have fresh sets of nails, Liberty’s were left natural despite her usually having her nails done in previous episodes.

One fan took to Twitter to say: “OK why has MILLIE, FAYE AND CHLOE got their nails done and lib hasn’t? coincidence that the top 3 producers pick are all ready for the final…. #LoveIsland”

Liberty didn’t want to take up another couple’s place in the final.

Throughout their time in the villa the islanders are allowed to get their usual hair and beauty treatments to make sure they look and feel their best during the eight weeks.

The boys are able to get hair cuts and the girls often get their nails re-done.

Liberty and boyfriend Jake Cornish left the villa during Friday’s show in a shock exit as a result of hitting some bumps in the road in their relationship.

The pair had been coupled up since day one and were the first couple to become official.

However, when the boys returned from Casa Amor, the islanders had a Movie Night which showed unseen clips from their time in the villa, which ruffled some feathers in the process.

A clip of Jake revealed him telling the boys that he wasn’t sure Liberty was the one for him as he didn’t want to “rip her clothes off”.

Liberty and Jake left the villa during Friday’s show.

She confronted her then-boyfriend about how hurt she was and he tried to reassure her by saying she was his ‘girlfriend’ but cracks continued to form.

Jake later told his girlfriend that he was getting the ‘ick’ because of her messiness, and a few more comments made Liberty question how he felt about her.

Despite having split up the night before, Friday’s programme showed them going on their ‘dream date’ on a boat which resulted in them making the mutual decision to leave the villa.

Fellow islanders didn’t think that Jake felt as strongly as Liberty did.

The pair returned to the villa and asked all of their fellow islanders to gather around the fire pit.

Everyone was visibly upset as Liberty explained that she didn’t want to take up a place in the final when everyone else was in serious relationships.

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