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Asobi Asobase is a Japanese anime television series, which is based on a series of novels by Asobi Asobase author Akiko Higashimura. The television series has been adapted into a manga by Higashimura, which has been serialized in Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara magazine since 2013. The story follows Hikari Takanashi, a girl who has just transferred to a new school, and her two friends, Minori Aizawa and Umi Kanda, as they try to navigate the ups and downs of elementary school life while keeping their secret club, Asobi Asobase. Aizawa and Kanda also serve as the story’s main characters.

With the release of the first season of the Asobi Asobase anime, many fans began to wonder when the second season would air. So far, there has been no official announcement of a second season, but many fans hope to see it released soon. With that being said, a release date would be nice. For now though, here’s your first look at the first episode of the show.

Asobi Asobase is a Japanese anime series created by Lecher Mato. Its original run happened in 2009 and was followed by two years of OVA, and then a third season was released in 2015. There are two seasons and the last season is called Asobi Asobase: Season 2 . Asobi Asobase is a story about a young girl named Akari Hinata who falls into a forest and meets a magical creature named Asobi. She wishes to learn magic, but to do so she needs a teacher. Asobi then takes Akari to a school called Asobi Asobase where she begins her training.

The Japanese comedy anime television series “Asobi Asobase,” or “Why Don’t We Play Together,” is based on the same-named manga series. Rin Suzukawa wrote and illustrated the manga series, which was first published on Hakusensha’s Young Animal Densi website on June 26, 2015. Season 2 of Asobi Asobase is coming soon!

Lerche, a Japanese animation studio, announced its plans to adapt the manga series into an anime television series a few years after it was originally released. As a consequence, “Asobi Asobase” Season 1 premiered in Japan on July 8, 2018. 

The season had a total of 12 episodes and ended on September 23, 2018. To the pleasure of the show’s viewers, the producers released an Original Video Animation (OVA) featuring two extra episodes on December 26, 2018. 

The first season of this Crunchyroll-licensed anime series premiered on local channels AT-X, Tokyo MX, KBS, BS11, Sun TV, and TVA.

It rapidly gained a following among both fans of the original material and newcomers. Fans of the program “Asobi Asobase” have been waiting for news on a second season since then. Season 2 will include the following features.

Asobi Asobase: Season 2 premiere date


In the time since the program debuted, Lerche has not announced a second season, and it is uncertain if one will be made at all. That stated, there’s nothing to be concerned about for the time being. There’s still time for the sequel’s renewal to be revealed.

Furthermore, the fact that new volumes of the manga series are published on a regular basis ensures that adequate material for a second season will be available. 

Given these factors, “Asobi Asobase: Season 2” is likely to be created. Season two of “Asobi Asobase” is expected to be published in 2020 or 2021, according to our best guess.

We’ll keep an ear out for any new information on Season 2 of the show. This article will be updated as soon as fresh information becomes available.

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Season 2 of Asobi Asobase’s plot

a glimpse from asobi asobaseThere’s a sneak peek from Asobi Asobase!

The storyline of “Asobi Asobase” is similar to that of “YuruYuri” in several ways. The plot revolved on Hanako, Olivia, and Kasumi, three high school girls who established a club to make school life more enjoyable.

When Olivia, a transfer student, arrives at the school where the play is set, the performance starts. Olivia has a difficult time fitting in and making friends since she does not speak English. She starts playing a game of “look the other way” with a loudmouthed airhead called Hanako Honda at recess one day, and the two soon get engrossed in their game.

Their boisterous conduct, however, annoys Kasumi Nomura, who lashes out at them for being too noisy. Kasumi, being the deadpan loner and bitter loser that she is, rejects Olivia and Hanako’s offer to join them. Kasumi, on the other hand, decides to join in after some coaxing and starts to enjoy herself with Olivia and Hanako.

This episode marked the start of the three girls’ strong relationship, which eventually led to the formation of the Pastime Club. The Pastime Club, as the name suggests, exists only for the pleasure of the strange three, who, as a consequence of their frequent shenanigans, soon become extremely close friends.

As a result, the program follows Olivia, Hanako, and Kasumi as they go about their daily lives in the Pastime Club, which include anything from studying English to swooning over each other to devising nefarious schemes to become renowned at school.

However, it will be fascinating to watch how the narrative develops in the following season. 

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the lead characters of asobi asobase: season 2Season 2 of Asobi Asobase will be returning with even more fantastic characters!

The following are the characters from the anime series:

Olivia and Kasumi’s classmate, Hanako Honda, is voiced by Hina Kini. She is one of the group’s most active and bright members.

Olivia is Hanako and Kasumi’s classmate, and she is voiced by Rika Nagae. She is a transfer student from the United States.

Olivia and Hanako’s classmate Kasumi Nomura is voiced by Konomi Kohara. She enjoys writing. She is also androphobic.

Chisato Higuchi is a female teacher at the school, and she is voiced by Ryko Maekawa. She’s continuously coerced into being the Pastime Club’s adviser.

Honoka Inoue, who plays Student Council President, is a shy young lady. With her strong Vice President speech, she was elected to the post of Student Council President.

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“Asobi Asobase” was one of those underappreciated programs that was hailed as a masterpiece by the public. The program is one of the most popular comedy shows, and fans and critics alike have praised it. 

The show’s debut date is unknown, despite the fact that it has not yet been canceled. As a result, none of the “Asobi Asobase” lovers here will be disappointed.

There’s a good chance that Season 2 will be released in the near future. What are you waiting for if you haven’t seen season one yet? Right now, you can watch the first season of “Asobi Asobase” on Netflix. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an anime fan or not. I’m confident you’re going to like it. 

Asobi Asobase is a popular Japanese animation that is consisted of unique characters and a fresh plot. The first season of the anime is aired in 2016 and the second season is expected to be released in 2017. It is a mystery anime that is based on a real-life case of a group of friends who were missing in the woods of Ibaraki, Japan.. Read more about anime like asobi asobase and let us know what you think.

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