Love Island fans convinced Hugo has accidentally confirmed he loves Chloe

Love Island fans are convinced that Hugo Hammond has let slip that he is in love with Chlow Burrows.

The PE teacher recoupled with Chloe last week in a passionate speech taking aim at Toby and the pair are now in a friendship couple.

Tonight, Hugo tried to smooth things over with Toby but the pair were still at odds.

Debriefing with Chloe on the daybeds, Hugo revealed that they had agreed to disagree.

“I got you babe,” he told her. “He’s lost a stunner.”

“Aw, I love you,” Chloe replied.

But viewers were left cringing as they were convinced that Hugo had pretty much confirmed that he had feelings for Chloe – who still seemed completely oblivious.

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On what happened with Toby and Chloe, Georgia noted: “ I think Toby should have gone about it in perhaps a different way and kept Chloe abreast of the situation.

“I think it will do Chloe a favour in the long-term as it means she can get someone that’s all about her and has blinkers on for her and doesn’t consider anyone else.”

*Love Island airs everyday at 9pm on ITV2

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