Love Island couples that will last and who’s friendzoned, from a dating expert

Love Island’s first set of couples for this series have been confirmed.

Currently coupled up are Liberty and Jake, Shannon and Aaron, Toby and Kaz, Hugo and Sharon and Faye and Brad – until singleton Chloe picks which boy she wishes to steal.

But which couples are destined to be and who’s in the friendzone?

We spoke to Hayey Quinn, Match’s dating expert to see who she thinks is going to make it till the end – and it might surprise you.

At the first coupling ceremony, Faye seemed settled with Brad after sending Hugo and Toby to the sub bench.

And Sharon and Hugo seem to be clashing, as she called out his ‘lack of eye contact’ with her.

The dating expert continued: “With Hugo claiming to be king of the ‘half-night stand’ (where you kick someone out of bed in the small hours) and Toby saying he changes women like chocolate bars, I’ve no doubt that if these guys get the opportunity to jump ship to another woman, they will.

“What’s more is that Brad has also been trying to flatter his way into Faye’s affections, but this Island hunk is likely to also be a popular choice with new ladies too.”

When asked who looks to be the couple to watch out for this series, Hayley said: “Well if Jake and Liberty can’t go the distance, then Liberty and Kaz will. These two already seem to have formed a strong friendship after being the first to walk into the villa together, and will undoubtedly be there to hold each other’s hands through all the ups and downs to come.”

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