Loki TikTok Video Shows Off Tom Hiddleston’s Multiple Costumes

A new Loki TikTok video highlights Tom Hiddleston’s varying costumes. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is still on a break following the almost back-to-back release of WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In June, it will continue to keep the Phase 4 ball rolling with another Disney+ show, Loki.

While the events of the new Marvel Studios show will take place separate from the primary MCU, its narrative is kick-started by Loki’s escape during the New York leg of the Avengers: Endgame time heist. Jumping off with the Tesseract effectively alerts the Time Variance Authority of the God of Mischief’s actions. As seen in previous Loki trailers, the organization will arrest him, but instead of simply getting jailed for his misdemeanor, Agent Mobius M. Mobius offers Loki a chance to redeem himself. He’ll have to help the TVA catch a far greater threat or face deletion from the universe. Given this, Thor’s adoptive brother is forced to use his cunning ways for a brand new adventure that will ultimately decide his future fate.

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N0t much is known regarding what constitutes the titular character’s new mission in Loki, and chances are that additional details are being saved up for the show itself. That said, with its nearing release, a new TikTok video (via @amannoyingirl) highlights all the looks that Hiddleston will sport in the show. Check out the video below:

The aforementioned clip shows the anti-hero in four different ensembles: his costume from The Avengers, his TVA prison jumpsuit, his TVA operative uniform, and that same outfit, just without the suit and some daggers. On the surface, it seems like this clip doesn’t reveal any pertinent information about the plot of the Disney+ project, but it theorizes which will be the main version of the character in the story, suggesting the rest will be variants. That could include the presidential candidate Loki that’s prominently featured in marketing for the show. One of the most prevalent theories about the series is that the TVA forces the Asgardian prince to catch other versions of the character such as Lady Loki, who’s reportedly played by Sophia Di Martino and the rumored primary villain.

Marvel Studios has been open about the idea that a season 2 of Loki is very much a possibility. Assuming that this is the case, expect that the upcoming six-episode offering won’t tie up all narrative loose ends. Instead, some of it could be carried over to a potential second year of the show. It’s worth noting, however, that despite the events of the series taking place in an entirely different reality, creator Michael Waldron has said it will have significant ramifications on the MCU as a whole. This makes Loki very important to the future of the franchise, especially with regard to tackling the multiverse.

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Source: Marvel Studios (via @amannoyingirl)

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