Loki Show Will Defy Expectations, Says VFX Supervisor

Although some fans scoffed at the idea of Marvel Studios bringing Loki back again with Disney+, the footage released so far has gone a long way in changing that perspective. The show has been described as a crime thriller with Loki at the center, and the use of the multiverse gives the series endless possibilities for what it can explore. There is already an expectation that Loki will introduce other versions of the god of mischief from across space and time, and that is just one of the ways it could wind up surprising viewers. Theories have already popped up that Thor, Mephisto, Kang, and other major Marvel characters will appear.

Now that WandaVision concluded its nine-episode season, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is on deck to release, but then it will be Loki‘s turn. Marvel Studios officially announced that the first of six episodes will debut on June 11, 2021 on Disney+. However, the story of Loki is rumored to extend beyond this first season. There are multiple reports that Marvel Studios is planning for Loki to run at least two seasons. Any setup the show does for another season could be an example of how it defies expectations too.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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