Kate Garraway fears people are ‘on their knees and cannot go on any longer’

Good Morning Britain ‘s Kate Garraway has opened up on her fears that people in the country cannot go on any longer as Covid cases continue to rise.

Speaking to Dr Hilary Jones, Kate said: “I wonder if there is a fatigue, I think that’s hitting home, people are on their knees, they are so tired, they are so down, there is no light.

“Even though we hear about the vaccine first of all we all thought we would be sorted, the numbers and the delivery is looking so promising, but then maybe it’s February half term, children go back to school, now it’s after Easter.

“People are just low, not the people who are being irresponsible, and I wonder if people just can’t go on any more.”

Dr Hilary replied: “It’s hard, I know that, people are stuck at home, they are home schooling, they are worried about their loved ones, they are frustrated they can’t socialise or go out.”

Kate, whose husband Derek Draper is still in hospital recovering from his coronavirus battle, interjected: “Or money, a lot of people are worried about money and keeping working!”

“And they want a bit more recognition in the future for what they have achieved and what they will achieve in the future.”

He added: “So less of the hypocritical clapping in the street and then ignoring the rules.”

Additionally, Dr Hilary confirmed that you can get the vaccination if you have previously had Covid.

He said people will a penicillin allergy can still take the vaccine, and he explained the antibodies take three weeks to fully form after your first injection, the protection is not instant.

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