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The Flight Attendant tied up its loose ends by the end of the first season, functionally serving as a miniseries for audiences that chose to view it through that lens. But since it will continue, it’s important that the series accurately depicts Cassie’s road to recovery. In everyday life, it’s unfortunately true that even the most significant circumstances are often not enough on their own to cause a person to fundamentally change their ways. For someone like Cassie, who demonstrated a tendency to fall back into destructive habits, it wouldn’t always be easy to resist temptations in spite of the best intentions. It’s encouraging to know that the show will depict this reality, considering that Cassie’s struggle with sobriety was one of the lauded aspects of the show’s first installment.

For fans that enjoyed the more comedic moments of The Flight Attendant, however, the storyline of Cassie working for the CIA will likely bring a bit of absurdity and levity to the proceedings. Perhaps, continuing the pattern of season 1, the first half of the episodes will lean into lightheartedness while the latter half goes in a more somber direction. We’ll likely learn more about the future of the HBO Max series as it enters into production, including what will be in store for fan favorites like Annie and Max.

Source: Variety

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