Jupiter’s Legacy Creator Calls The Show Avengers Meets Godfather 2

The new image looks about as epic as the show Millar is promising, and if it proves to be even half as successful as any of the movies he’s mentioned, Jupiter’s Legacy will be one of the best TV shows ever. Of course, the creator would talk up his own series, but there’s no doubting his ambition, particularly if he’s trying to blend the high concept sci-fi of 2001 with the superhero action of The Avengers and the cross-timeline family drama of The Godfather Part II.

Whether Jupiter’s Legacy actually pulls that off is another matter entirely. Shot in 2019, a process interrupted by the original showrunner’s exit over “creative differences,” the series has clearly had a long, hard road to release. Hopefully that’s a sign of the immense post-production required to bring Millar’s vision to life rather than signs of trouble, but with just a few months left before the release, more footage should roll out soon, and audiences will be able to make up their own minds.

Source: Empire

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