John Stamos Compares Filming Fuller House Finale To Full House’s Final Episode

John Stamos compares filming the finales for Fuller House and Full House. Best known for playing Uncle Jesse in the cult classic ’80s/’90s sitcom, the actor reprised the character in 2016 through Netflix’s revival spin-off. Aside from starring in the show, he also co-produced it, making his involvement this time around a bit different.

Fuller House essentially copied the premise of Full House. Like Danny, DJ was suddenly widowed and was left raising three young kids. Providing help for her were Stephanie and Kimmy, who moved in the iconic San Francisco home exactly as Jesse and Joey did more than three decades ago. If Stamos was to be asked, however, this wasn’t how he wanted to do the revival. He wanted totally new ideas which could’ve worked better for the show’s longevity. In any case, the actor was involved all the way through despite only having a guest-starring role.

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Since the shows’ core theme is family, they both ended on an emotional high, emphasizing how important the Tanners’ bond was. But as it turns out, filming Full House and Fuller House‘s finales were under very different circumstances, as Stamos revealed in Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

When we did the original series, we got canceled and when we knew a week before and we were just doing a regular last show is we never really did the final you know, show. So it was pretty emotional but the Fuller House, the day that I shot the opening scene to Big Shot where I had to scream and yell and it was the first time I was being a real coach the college team I was at Fuller House shooting like a wedding I think Candace and everybody got married and I did have to do all this crying and stuff and go to SC and scream at these basketball players so that was that day.

There are a couple of interesting reveals from Stamos’ quote. For starters, it appears as if Full House was canceled by ABC for other reasons and not because some of the cast members were ready to move on as generally presumed. There were rumors that while the original show lost its appeal in the mid-’90s as the Friends‘ type of sitcoms gained popularity, it was also presumed that it was because some of the actors wanted to leave the show that it was ultimately taken off the air. The way Stamos framed it, they didn’t know that they were ending, hence why the Full House finale didn’t really feel like a fitting send-off.

Secondly, it seems like it’s because of his filming schedule for Disney+’s Big Shot that he wasn’t in the final scene for Fuller House. Stamos talked about being in the triple wedding of DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy with Danny and Joey. However, the next day, while the two parental figures stayed for the farewell bit for the show, Uncle Jesse was noticeably absent. In any case, even if Stamos was there, the cast was still incomplete without Michelle and Becky, who were both in the Full House finale.

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Source: Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

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