James May reassures Grand Tour fans ‘nothing is cancelled’ amid Covid concerns

James May has assured The Grand Tour fans that the new series will go ahead as planned in a new update.

Covid-19 has hit television hard and The Grand Tour, Amazon’s globe-trotting, engine-revving motor show fronted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James, is no exception.

And in a vital update, James admitted the series might suffer from a slight delay.

New episodes will see the trio make their way to Russia, but amid the pandemic it’s proving difficult to get filming underway, James says.

He told RadioTimes : “I think it’s fairly well-known that we had a big trip to Russia planned, that is on hold for all the obvious reasons.

James reassured fans that the Russia trip would go ahead at a later date

“It’s all been planned and we can definitely do it when the restrictions lift so nothing is cancelled, it’s postponed.”

In the meantime, he adds, filming’s been taking place on home turf.

They’ve been up to Scotland, where James reckons they got some good material under their belts.

The trio have been busy filming

James is happy with what they filmed in Scotland

“You tend to get a feeling while you’re doing these things,” he added, “and I think we made a good film in Scotland.

“It’s got some good hijinks in it and it’s an interesting idea – I don’t want to give too much of it away, but I don’t think it suffered for not being somewhere exotic.”

James went on the reason that some overseas fans might see Scotland as exotic.

His new show arrives in November

And before The Grand Tour hits the small screen, fans will get to see James in a whole new role – as a celebrity chef.

James May: Oh Cook! sees him have a crack at whipping up various recipes, with James laughing that doing something without Clarkson and Hammond proved quite nice.

The show will arrive on Amazon Prime on November 13.

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