Is Call Me By Your Name 2 Coming Up?

Call Me By Your Name 2 is in the works, but there’s no word on when it will hit theaters. Fans of the original are eagerly awaiting news about what happens next to their favorite characters.

The is call me by your name 2 cancelled is a question that has been asked for quite some time now. It seems like it will be coming up soon!

Call Me By Your Name was released in 2017, and it reminded us of what it was like to be young, in love, and miserable. As a result, there has been some assurance that a sequel to this film will be released in the near future.

Call Me By Your Name is about

call me by your name 2

The 2017 coming-of-age romance drama Call Me by Your Name was directed by Luca Guadagnino. Its script is based on André Aciman’s 2007 book of the same name, which James Ivory also co-produced.

Sony Pictures Classics acquired Call Me by Your Name before it premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2017. Several accolades were given to the film for its screenplay, directing, acting, and music.

It received four nominations at the 90th Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Chalamet (the third-youngest nominee in the category), as well as Best Adapted Screenplay.

In 2017, the screenplay received accolades from the 23rd Critics’ Choice Awards, the 71st British Academy Film Awards, and the Writers Guild of America Awards. And in this way, it’s a fantastic film to see!

What Will Call Me By Your Name 2’s Plot Be Like?

Elio accepts Oliver’s engagement with grace at the end of the film Call Me By Your Name. Guadagnino has already disclosed details about the story, which will take place in the late 1980s “five or six years later.” And he’s got some big plans for the movie.

The director has indicated that the AIDS crisis, as well as other major international events of the time, such as the Gulf War and Silvio Berlusconi’s rise to power in Italy, would play a key part in the story.

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Who Is In The Call Me By Your Name Series’ Star Cast?

Oliver and Elio, as well as several supporting characters, star in Call Me By Your Name.

  • Oliver is played by Armie Hammer.
  • Elio Perlman is played by Timothée Chalamet.
  • Samuel Perlman is played by Michael Stuhlbarg.
  • Annella Perlman is played by Amira Casar.
  • Marzia is played by Esther Garrel.
  • Victoire Du Bois in the role of Chiara
  • Mafalda is played by Vanda Capriolo.
  • Anchise is played by Antonio Rimoldi.
  • Elena Bucci in the role of Bambi
  • Nico is played by Marco Sgrosso.
  • Mounir is played by André Aciman.
  • Isaac is played by Peter Spears.
  • Beppe Grillo in the role of himself

Is it worth watching Call Me By Your Name?

call me by your name 2

The film is a coming-of-age story, a romantic comedy, and a slice-of-life story all wrapped into one. Call Me By Your Name was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards and went on to win Best Adapted Screenplay.

The film received generally positive reviews from reviewers. Call Me By Your Name was named one of the ten best films of the year by The National Board of Review, in addition to its Oscar nominations.

The film was praised at first for its performances and use of music, as well as for its part in bringing more LGBTQ+ stories to the Oscars stage. It also made over $40 million at the box office after premiering at Sundance in January 2017 and garnering a lot of attention.

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Is there going to be a sequel to Call Me By Your Name?

The director of Call Me By Your Name, Luca Guadagnino, recently addressed the possibility of a sequel for the film, saying that it is unlikely to happen anytime soon. In an interview with Deadline, Guadagnino characterized the possibility of a sequel as “extremely difficult” right now, noting Chalamet’s and his own busy schedules.

Guadagnino is now working on his debut feature film, Bones & All, which was filmed in the United States. Having said that, the director wants to create a sequel in the future. In his mind’s eye, he can even witness the initial shot.

Despite considerable criticism for the film’s concept and plot, many fans still want a sequel, and the source material is unquestionably accessible. Following the success of the film adaptation, a sequel to Call Me By Your Name, titled Find Me, was released in 2019.

While the book is set decades after the original, Guadagnino has considered a cinematic adaptation set only three years later and dealing with the AIDS crisis.

Is Call Me By Your Name a Novel Adaptation?

The film Call Me By Your Name is based on the same-named novel by André Aciman. The book ends with an epilogue in which the characters reunite after 15 years, with Elio paying a visit to Oliver, who is now married and has children. Five years later, Oliver comes to Italy to hear of Elio’s father’s death.

While Call Me By Your Name does not have a sequel book, it does explain what happened after Elio (Timothée Chalamet) and Oliver (Armie Hammer) have their summer romance.

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call me by your name 2

What are the locations where I may watch the Call Me By Your Name series?

This film is available to watch on your preferred streaming service. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the two options. Get your membership and begin watching right now!


Call Me By Your Name 2 has a lot to offer that we weren’t able to cover in our review. But we’ll have something more to say about it shortly! Stay up with us till then.

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The call me by your name sequel 2021 is a question that has been asked for years. There is no official confirmation on the film’s release date.

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