I’m A Celeb’s Giovanna’s wedding speech ‘left fans in tears’ – and has 21m views

Giovanna Fletcher met her husband, Tom, when she was just 13 when she sat next to him in school assembly.

But they didn’t make it official until several years later in 2003, when they were 18.

The following year he wrote her a song for Valentine’s Day, All About You, which would go on to become a massive hit for his band McFly.

Tom has always been a romantic, but his sweetest moment remains his wedding speech, or should we say, wedding song, which he performed after they tied the knot in 2012.

Eight years later, the clip has been viewed 21million times on YouTube and is still bringing fans to tears.

In the 14 minute song, Tom thanks his family, his new in-laws, his McFly bandmates and of course, his beautiful wife.

To the tune of his hits Obviously, All About You

He begins: “Recently I’ve been, having a wedding, I married this girl, whose outta this world believe me.

“And we are so grateful, to so many people, but I’m saying thank you, to only a few, I’m sorry.

“So if I don’t thank you, it means that I’ve probably just forgot you.”

He begins by thanking his ushers and the bridesmaids, describing his sister-in-law as “hot”.

Moving onto his Best Men, his McFly bandmates, he sings: “Thanks to my best men, you are the best friends that ino I could ever have.

“Your more like brothers, sometimes lovers, but we won’t tell them about that.

The couple have been together since school

“We’ve been together for what feels like forever
but I’d do it again and again, and were only getting started and I know McFly will never end.”

He then thanks his parents and Giovanna’s mum, dad and brother, before moving onto the bride – when he begins to get a bit emotional.

He jokes about doing the washing up, saying it’s “what husbands do” and tells her it’s “all about you”.

Giovanna is really missing her family, especially the couple’s three sons

Fans loved the clip and were quick to comment.

One wrote: “Gave me goosebumps and actually started crying.”

Another added: “Speechless. The thought he must have put into that.”

A third commented: “I’m crying. Probably the best wedding speech I have ever witnessed.”

Tom also thanked his McFly bandmates, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and and Harry Judd

Giovanna has been a bit hit in the I’m A Celeb castle so far, and campmates her described her as the group mum.

However she was left heartbroken on last night’s show when she missed out on a message and a treat from home.

Earlier in the day the celebs took part in a number of tasks to collect keys, which opened boxes that contained either a message from home, a star or nothing.

However, they didn’t win all the keys, and it quickly dawned on Giovanna that not everyone would be able to get a treat from home.

Only AJ, Jordan and Giovanna were left empty handed while their campmates received things from their loved ones.

In a tearful message after the treats were handed out, Giovanna: “Your heart aches and then you attach yourself to anything.

Giovanna was tearful after she missed out on a treat from home

“How lovely would it be to hear from Tom and the boys, just a sentence? It’s a sentence and I’m going to pretend each sentence anyone gets is from the kids and I’m going to adopt them like they’re mine.”

Speaking about the moment Gi realised she wouldn’t get a message from her children, fellow campmate Vernon said: “As the process went on and the boxes became fewer and the treats from home became less she realised that there was an opportunity to not be given a message from loved ones and that’s when it really hit home.”

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