Horrifying reality of hospital workers in the pandemic exposed in TV show

For the medics on the frontline of the pandemic life will never be the same again.

They have witnessed whole families fight for their lives, seen loved ones torn apart and dealt with staff on the brink of breakdown – and all while enduring their own personal battles.

Now, a new film, by Emergency Medicine Doctor, Saleyha Ahsan, exposes the true toll that the pandemic has taken on workers at her hospital, Ysbyty Gwynedd, in Bangor, through the destructive second wave of the virus between November and February.

And she wants to show the heartbreaking stories of staff and patients to ensure their struggles haven’t gone in vain.

“The cemetery my dad was buried in usually has 20 burials a month and in January it has 490.

Soberingly, she adds: “The day my dad was buried it was like being at an airport runway. But instead of aeroplanes lined up it was coffins.”

And the reality of working in a hospital means she is doubtful of Boris; roadmap out of lockdown.

She says: “I’m really concerned about it. We’re not that far off from June and our hospital is full of Covid patients and people are still dying – we’re just not hearing about it.

“We’ve got patients that we don’t know if they’re going to survive.”

She adds: “But I get that we need hope. I really get it. My colleagues and the workforce across the NHS needs it.

“We cannot wait to stop living in fear when we go to work as to whether we’re going to catch it.

“We cannot wait to the time when we can stop worrying about whether we’ve brought it home to our loved ones.”

Conditional Critical: One Doctor’s Story: Dispatches is on Channel 4 on Monday 1st March at 8pm.

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