Holly Willoughby reveals unusual ritual she does every day before This Morning

This Morning host Holly Willoughby shared on her early morning routine as she appeared on Monday’s Lorraine

Holly Willoughby has explained how she makes sure to have a few moments of calm on a daily basis.

The This Morning host appeared on Monday’s Lorraine to discuss the release of her new book, named Reflections, and to share how she has been on a journey to rediscover herself.

TV star Holly, 41, explained that after years of putting herself last whilst juggling family life and her busy work schedule that she came to a point where she wanted to focus on her inner peace.

And since working on her path to self-discovery, the mother-of-three has become interested in alternative therapies, crystal healing and meditation – which she practices before going on-air.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly, Holly shared that she meditates every day for 40 minutes.

She does one morning session for 20 minutes and then does another session later on in the day.

Holly Willoughby meditates twice a day



“I meditate every day before work,” she shared during the interview.

Holly told: “I was convinced it wouldn’t fit into my life.”

Sharing how long she focuses on clearing her head, she added: “I do 20 minutes twice a day.”

Holly’s This Morning co-host Phillip Schofield recently told that he uses healing crystals – after Holly got him hooked.

The This Morning host does the practice in two 20 minute sessions



The This Morning host said: “I believe in the power of crystals. I spend far too much time around Holly, but she’s convinced me that there’s a lot in that.”

Phillip, 59, said that the crystals were part of his “spirituality” and allowed him to be in “ tune with the planet and… with yourself.”

Holly recently revealed on her new lifestyle site Wylde Moon that her interest in the healing powers of crystals and spirituality intensified while filming I’m A Celebrity in Australia in 2018.

She added: “Australia is the land of alternative therapies, and the town that I was in truly had all kinds of things for all kinds of people.

The mother-of-three has become interested in alternative therapies, crystal healing and meditation in recent years



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“Through this wonderful kinesiologist called Josie, I really started to unlock pieces of myself and when I came back to England, I knew that I didn’t want to stop everything I’d learnt.

“Now I have things in my own hypothetical toolkit, like meditation and sound baths, that really work for me.”

She added: “I think it’s important that we pick those beautiful things carefully, whether they’re for your home or your body. And that’s not something we should feel guilty about either, because we all love different things.

“Some of them are meaningful and some of them are utterly frivolous, but they all have their place.”

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