Helicopters spotted over I’m A Celebrity castle ahead of next week’s first show

I’m A Celebrity fans breathed a collective sigh of relief as ITV managed to get the show to run despite several lockdowns.

Pushing ahead with production for the flagship reality show, ITV bosses are making sure to pull it off in a Covid-safe way, setting the air date for November 15.

That means I’m A Celeb will be back on our screens on Sunday next week.

And now, as excitement reaches a fever pitch, fans have been driven wild with speculation as helicopters hover over the new site, Wales’ Gwrych Castle.

Residents of nearby Abergele recalled that they heard the overheard whir of rotor blades and poked their heads out the window to see what was happening.

Ant and Dec are back for the new series

Sunningdale, Abergele resident Neil said: “We heard them coming over and the best vantage point to see them was from the back bedroom.

“So we legged it upstairs. My wife was faster than me getting her mobile phone out.”

He added: “They came from the Rhyl direction, flew over Gwrych Castle then they banked and went out to sea.

“Then they banked again and came south to the castle and flew off westwards, behind the castle.”

Neil and wife Debbie couldn’t be sure what the choppers were for, but they reckon it’s something to do with the show.

Neil and Debbie described seeing the helicopters over the castle

“It’s hard to tell,” they insisted.

“They were so slow over the castle. We thought they might be landing but they maintained height and went west.”

Fans are, of course, already speculating – some wondering if the helicopters could be carrying the new roster of famous faces to camp.

Others reckoned they were filming the classic opening sky dive.

Celebs will battle the wind and rain in the – allegedly haunted – Gwrych Castle

Fans have been busy speculating about what’s to come

ITV declined to comment on the helicopters’ presence.

ITV was forced to move away from the usual Aussie jungle setting earlier this year, shifting it to Wales.

While many complained – before national lockdown 2.0 – that it was unfair that I’m A Celeb went ahead with filming while much of Wales remained under a local lockdown, the Welsh government argued the show could help combat the growing mental health crisis.

The castle has been looked after by workers for weeks ahead of the show

The show kicks off next weekend

“If it can continue in a Covid safe way then clearly it has long term benefits,” said Economy Minister Ken Skates.

“I know the producers are incredibly keen to demonstrate that they can produce a show of this nature during a pandemic, and in a responsible way.”

Meanwhile, other fans had taken to Twitter to beg show bosses to press ahead forge ahead with it despite the second lockdown – saying it would be “the only thing” that would get them through the housebound days ahead.

*I’m A Celebrity returns to ITV at 9pm on Sunday 15 November.

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