Hawkeye: Jeremy Renner Teases More Ronin With New Photo

Jeremy Renner teases more of Ronin in the Hawkeye Disney+ series with a new photo. Marvel Studios is finally giving Renner’s Clint Barton a solo project in the Marvel Cinematic Universe a full decade after his introduction. Many wondered if Hawkeye would ever get this chance, but the introduction of Disney+ gave the MCU a better avenue to tell the sharpshooter’s story. The majority of the story is expected to take place after Avengers: Endgame and show Barton train Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) to be the MCU’s new Hawkeye.

As much attention as Clint and Kate’s team-up will get in Hawkeye, the series is also primed to explore much more of Hawkeye’s past and personal life. The show’s cast is confirmed to include Swordsman, who is responsible for training Clint and his brother Barney as children. Set photos also revealed the return of the Barton children. The attention for Hawkeye is long overdue in the MCU and allows his story to evolve in several directions. This might not only include his present-day story, his childhood, or his time with SHIELD. It appears Hawkeye will offer more of Clint’s time as Ronin, the darker persona he adopted after Thanos’ snap.

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Renner continues to offer teases and behind-the-looks at Hawkeye as filming potentially nears its conclusion. The actor’s latest tease comes from his Instagram story, where he shared an image of him in the Ronin costume. It is not clear if this photo was just taken or is a throwback to when he wore the suit for Avengers: Endgame. Regardless of when it was taken, Renner posting it now might be a tease that Ronin will be seen again in Hawkeye.

Hawkeye’s transformation into Ronin is one element of Avengers: Endgame that many fans felt Marvel underdelivered on. Renner is only shown in the costume for one scene when Barton kills members of the Yakuza. However, there is still a lot of room for Marvel to explore Ronin. It isn’t known how quickly Barton adopted this look and merciless attitude, but Hawkeye is the perfect opportunity to go back. There are five years of his story in the MCU that is largely unexplored. If the show is about Barton moving past his superhero days or reconciling for his past sins, featuring more of Ronin makes sense.

More Ronin in Hawkeye could also be tied to the MCU introducing the next person to take on this mantle. The series will feature the MCU debut of Maya Lopez, aka Echo (Alaqua Cox), who is a deaf Native American hero. Echo is the original Ronin in Marvel Comics, but the MCU will likely change this where she can take on the mantle now that Barton should be done with it. It’s even possible that Barton unknowingly encountered Maya in the past as Ronin, so that connection could be one possible explanation for Renner suiting back up in Hawkeye. With the series expected to arrive on Disney+ by the end of 2021, we should know for sure what role Ronin has before too long.

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