Hawkeye: Jeremy Renner Hypes Pizza Dog’s Arrival In Set Photos

Renner’s instant appreciation of Pizza Dog is good news for fans, considering Clint and Lucky share a close bond in the comics. Pizza Dog was introduced when he saved Hawkeye’s life, injuring himself in the process. Later on, Kate becomes attached to Lucky as well, making him a good fit for the Hawkeye series. Coupled with Hawkeye’s hearing issues, it seems likely the show will pull from Matt Fraction’s comics, which offers some exciting storyline possibilities.

Renner’s photos don’t reveal anything new about Hawkeye, other than a closer look at Pizza Dog. However, they do provide a fun window behind-the-scenes. Renner has been a key resource throughout the process of developing the show, offering hints of what’s to come. That’s only increased since filming started, with the actor posting content related to the show all week. Hopefully, that continues as Hawkeye gets further into filming and closer to a release date announcement.

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