Harley Quinn Series Season 3 Release Date Teased By Showrunner

However, some of the most interesting details Halpern revealed have to do with the unique episode topics for Harley Quinn season 3. Halpern claimed that the writers of the show are going to “do something with the Joker that has never been done in any Joker story.” Though the showrunner was vague about the details of this plotline, he did confirm that there would be a stand-alone Joker episode in season 3, much like how there was a stand-alone Batman episode in season 2.

The Harley Quinn animated series has already been praised for its unique depiction of the Joker, so it makes sense that the series’ writers would want to delve into the iconic Batman villain even further. But exactly what Halpern is hinting at for the new season is impossible to know. Harley Quinn could make any number of crazy, off-the-wall decisions about Joker’s character to develop the villain in an interesting way. Luckily for fans, they won’t have to wait too long before Harley Quinn season 3 comes out in less than a year.

Source: Masters of None

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