GMB’s Piers Morgan sparks fury as he slams ‘pathetic’ teachers over Zoom lessons

Good Morning Britain ‘s Piers Morgan has sparked controversy with his impassioned rant against some teachers on Monday’s show.

Piers called teachers who refuse to do lessons over video call “pathetic” after some reportedly said they felt it intruded on their students’ home lives.

This led viewers to slam Piers on Twitter for drumming up anger against teachers, who have put their lives on the line to continue to support students during the pandemic.

Speaking alongside co host Susanna Reid, Piers ranted: “I just want to say something.

“Teachers – apparently, some teachers in state schools are saying that they do not want to do Zoom classes.

“They do not want to do Zoom classes with their students because they are concerned about an invasion of privacy into their homes.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain
Piers sparked outrage as viewers said teachers have worked hard throughout the whole pandemic

“You know what? Get a screen behind you, get on one of the fake ones that Zoom lets you do. Get a desert island behind you.

“My nine-year-old child could do that in ten seconds. This is a pathetic excuse, you have to stand up now, teachers.

“I am behind you over the safety issues and Covid safety of schools.

Piers says it’s “pathetic” that some teachers reportedly are against zoom lessons

“But I am not behind you at all when I hear that.”

One viewer tweeted: ” @piersmorgan@GMB#gmb thanks for supporting teachers Piers. I’m sure that it’s a minority number of teachers that have complained about invasion of privacy. Every member of staff in my school provides live lessons. No one refused. Thanks for stoking the fire against us!!!!”

Another complained: “On behalf of teachers working, planning and supporting families, Thankyou for using your platform on #GMB to bash teachers, your support is heard and really helpful with public perception. @piersmorgan@susannareid100 “.

A third remarked: “I have been behind you in this pandemic, but if you start teacher bashing it shows just how ignorant you are to what teachers are actually doing right now. Every teacher I know is working around the clock trying to do the very best for all their pupils! #gmb@piersmorgan “.

A fourth added: ” @piersmorgan How dare you insinuate that teachers don’t want to run live sessions. What % of teachers said that? Don’t lump us all together, the vast majority of teachers I know have these virtual lessons up and running and are absolutely fine with this. #GMB “.

* Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am

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