Funko Pop New Bounty Hunters Collection Releases Boba Fett Figure

According to the GameStop website, Boba Fett will the first in a series of seven collectible Funko Pop figurines featuring Star Wars bounty hunters.  The statuette is lovingly rendered in the iconic Funko Pop bobble-headed style, clad in his worn body armor. He sits atop a fairly spartan gray base that will evidently connect to the other six figures when they are released, forming a complete miniature diorama.

There’s no denying that the Boba Fett Funko Pop is appealing. Whether Funko Pops match your personal aesthetic preference or not, unifying his design to their formula has produced a solid little figure. The most iconic feature of Boba Fett is his helmet, which is faithfully rendered. For now, there’s no telling who will join him, though Jango Fett is a definite contender. Regardless, if the other figurines match the simplistic and recognizable appeal, it’ll likely make for a nice display piece. Funko Pops have become their own phenomenon, and everything from Marvel to Seinfeld is getting a bobblehead.

If anyone knows how to direct a monumental multimedia behemoth, it’s the Mouse House, and Boba Fett is another small jewel in its crown. It’s no coincidence that the Funko Pop Bounty Hunters Collection’s release comes between Boba Fett’s return in The Mandalorian and the upcoming Disney+ series, The Book of Boba Fett. There’s not yet much to know about this new Star Wars entry in the Disney+ catalogue, but it’s safe bet that there’ll be plenty of Fett to come.

Source: GameStop

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