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The list was a solid split between celebrity super-fans, those who were no doubt inspired by Friends in the creation of their own sitcoms, and those who actually worked on the show. The latter section included Pickles and Gould, who played Ross and Monica’s parents throughout the show’s run. Hankin recurred as the group’s unstable neighbor, Mr. Heckles. Lennon appeared briefly in Friends season 5 as Randall (a.k.a. Joey’s identical hand twin). Wheeler served as Chandler’s frequent on-and-off love interest/torment, Janice. Selleck portrayed the one-time love of Monica’s life, Richard Burke. Witherspoon guest-starred as Rachel’s younger sister, Jill. And Tyler was essentially the unofficial seventh friend appearing in nearly 150 of the total 236 episodes as Central Perk manager, Gunther.

It’ll no d0ubt be interesting to hear just how Friends influenced the separate sitcom efforts of Corden and Kaling. Equally, it’ll be fascinating to hear from younger generations such as Bieber and Malala how the show still resonated with them. However, it’ll likely be through those with first-hand experience from the set that’ll garner the most excitement. After all, even the one-off guest-stars will have a wealth of stories. That’ll be especially true of Witherspoon, whose time on the show was frequently subject to erroneous rumors of conflict. Despite no other names being put forward, it was confirmed that Friends: The Reunion would be full of surprises. As such, fans should probably expect several more to be revealed on the day and, with any luck, maybe even a Kudrow and Gaga duet of “Smelly Cat”.

The Friends reunion special was confirmed to be released on May 27, 2021, via HBO Max.

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