First Dates’ Cici Coleman on her wild weekends and her love life away from the cameras

Actress and First Dates waitress Cici Coleman, 34, hates cooking but loves a refreshing walk – and a big night out

First Dates star Cici Coleman hates cooking but loves to let her hair down on a Saturday night

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Every single Friday is completely different for me, it just depends on how full-on my week has been. Sometimes I’ll have a big night out, whereas other weeks I’ll have a really chilled night and sit watching The Handmaid’s Tale alone. I’m just as happy doing that as I am going out.

I don’t enjoy cooking one bit, so it’s microwave meals or takeaways all the way for me. I like things that are quick and can be chucked in the oven. Italian is my favourite takeaway – I love all the cheese and all the pasta!

If I’ve had a full-on week, I’ll wake up early on Saturday and go for a walk. If it’s sunny, I love getting out when it’s crisp and quiet and walking with a coffee. Then I might do some yoga and I’ll make sure I eat really healthily and drink loads of water.

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If I’ve had a chilled week, then it will be the opposite and I’ll have a wild one on a Saturday night! After the last 18 months, doing something like that feels like such an exciting experience. I think it’s made everyone make more of an effort, too, which is nice. I do like socialising and I’ve missed that, so my ideal Saturday night would be going out for dinner with friends and catching up.

With dating, I used to try to keep my dates in the week and pretend I was busy at the weekend, but now I don’t care. If I’ve got a free weekend, you can have it! But I would never bend over backwards for a date. It has to fit into your life, rather than you trying to make it all work. I always think it’s nice to go on a walk with a coffee for a first date.

Cici has been a waitress on First Dates since the show started in Series 4 in 2015


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On Sundays, I love going for a country walk, or a Sunday session where I go out and continue the night from Saturday. It will all depend on what the following week holds. I never have Sunday as a day of rest, though. I like to make the most of the weekends when I can and pack lots in.

When I have a busy week ahead I’ll get an early night, drink lots of water and get some greens in. Food is fuel and if you’re eating right and sleeping properly then you’re going to be the best version of yourself.

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