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WandaVision episode 7 teased the introduction of nexuses and Nexus Beings to the MCU. The episode’s commercial advertised an antidepressant called Nexus, and the ending scene – which revealed Wanda’s neighbor Agnes is actually the witch Agatha Harkness – also included some visual hints at a nexus plotline. With the multiverse only becoming more central to the overall MCU story in Phase 4, it’s likely that the nexus will be highly significant going forward.

Essentially, a nexus in Marvel comics is a point where multiple realities intersect. A primary nexus, called the Nexus of All Realities, is the point where all possible realities meet. There are also characters in the comics called Nexus Beings, who are tied to the multiverse and wield immense power over it. Essentially, each reality has a single Nexus Being. That figure is a center for mystical energy in their reality, and they have the ability to influence probabilities and thereby affect the future. Nexus Beings play a major role in the interaction between realities, and it looks like they could be coming to the MCU.

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With that in mind, what characters could turn out to be Nexus Beings in the MCU? The comics give some indication, but Marvel Studios has never shied away from tweaking things to better fit the overall cohesion of the franchise. There are a few obvious possibilities, and a couple other interesting choices. Here are the main MCU characters who could turn out to be Nexus Beings.

As the protagonist of WandaVision, Scarlet Witch already seems like a likely choice for a Nexus Being in the MCU. However, her comic lineage makes her case even stronger. In Earth-616 – the main reality for most Marvel comics – Scarlet Witch is the actual Nexus Being. That means much of the universe’s mystical cosmic energy is tied to her, and that she has the ability to impact the future via her ties to the Multiverse. So far, it looks like Agatha Harkness may have been using Wanda to siphon energy from somewhere – possibly a nexus point. If that’s the case, it would make a lot of sense if Wanda is actually a Nexus Being.

Making Scarlet Witch a Nexus Being in the MCU would also fit with WandaVision’s introduction of her twin sons Billy and Tommy. In the comics, the children of Nexus Beings are thought to be incredibly powerful. Though the twins’ birth and existence in the comics even less “normal” than in the show (as they were created by Wanda using power borrowed from Mephisto and later reabsorbed into him), the MCU can easily change other details to fit the universe, just as they have done so far. Scarlet Witch being a Nexus Being would explain why her kids are so powerful so soon, and why she is suddenly so much stronger than she used to be – especially if Westview is built over a nexus itself.

In alternate realities of the Marvel comics, Vision is also a Nexus Being. The MCU could potentially make him one again. Vision’s origin story was altered significantly when he was brought to the big screen in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and some of the changes Marvel Studios made could translate into him being the MCU’s Nexus Being. For starters, Vision’s power and very essence is based in the Mind Stone. Such a strong and primordial force could easily tie Vision to greater cosmic powers, including the multiverse. There’s even a possibility that Vision is the real source of power in Westview. If there is a nexus point beneath Agatha’s house, and if Vision himself is a Nexus Being, Agatha could have been using Wanda’s magic simply to trap Vision, while she herself fed off the energy from the nexus.

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Loki’s return to the MCU with his own Disney+ series could pitch him in the role of a Nexus Being. The new series will focus heavily on Loki time traveling through alternate timelines, as he causes general mayhem and chaos using the power of the reclaimed Tesseract – at least, that’s what’s been shown so far. It’s also been confirmed that the Time Variance Authority (TVA) will play a prominent role in the show.

In the comics, the TVA is heavily involved in the lives of Nexus Beings. Because Nexus Beings have the ability to impact probabilities and the future, they pose a potential threat to the stability of timelines and parallel universes. The TVA attempts to keep all those moving parts in order, and it looks like that will be tricky to do in Loki. The trickster god hasn’t shown any particular signs that he could become a Nexus Being, but his upcoming galivant through time and space could certainly position him as such.

Kang the Conqueror, one of Marvel’s oldest and most prolific villains, will be entering the MCU as the main antagonist of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. It’s possible that Kang will become as prominent of a villain in the MCU as he is in the comics, where he is the Nexus Being of several different realities. Kang’s eponymous conquests stretch across time and parallel universes. He possesses time travel abilities and technology from nearly every era imaginable, making him a fearsome foe. His status as a Nexus Being is central to his overall role, and it will likely follow Kang into the MCU.

The actual powers and limitations of a Nexus Being have never been fully defined in the Marvel comics. What’s known is that they have influence over probabilities and the future, and that they are strongly connected to mystical energy and the multiverse. Sound familiar? Doctor Strange isn’t a Nexus Being in the comics, but his role in the MCU could turn him into one, depending on how Marvel Studios defines them.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will feature Scarlet Witch and, of course, the multiverse itself. That film is being heavily set up by the events of WandaVision and it’s likely that Strange will be at the very least heavily connected to nexus points, if not a Nexus Being himself. Much of how that plays out will depend on the actual happenings of the film, of course, and similarly by the events of WandaVision’s climax.

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