Emmerdale’s Eric gives Faith ultimatum as she fears cancer has returned

Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle will fear she is seriously ill in scenes to air next week on the ITV soap.

The character begins to experience pain in her body, before collapsing twice just days apart – while hiding the truth from her loved ones.

Faith has battled breast cancer in the past, and in upcoming scenes she will worry it may have returned leading to her confiding in pal Eric Pollard.

At the start of the week she falls over in front of her son Cain and daughter Chas, and they are convinced she’s had too much to drink.

They have no idea she’s secretly in fear, and refusing to confront her worrying symptoms – that is until she collapses again.

Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle will fear she is seriously ill in scenes to air next week on the ITV soap

This time, it happens while she’s with Eric, and he realises something is wrong with his former flame.

Doctor Manpreet Sharma encourages her to undergo some tests prior to this, and after the second fall she arranges for Faith to have an urgent MRI scan.

It’s when she’s alone with Eric that she shares her worries about the cancer being back, and he decides to keep an eye on her.

She remains at the hospital, but will it be the news she fears the most?

Later in the week, Eric lands himself in trouble with partner Brenda when she catches Faith wearing his dressing gown and gets the wrong end of the stick.

Chas also assumes the worst, but Faith begs Eric to conceal the truth from everyone until she knows what she is dealing with.

Emmerdale spoilers reveal health concerns for Faith Dingle when she collapses in pain, leading to her confiding in Eric Pollard

Pollard refuses to throw his relationship away though and asks her to come clean to Brenda and her family, or he’ll do it for her.

Speaking to The Mirror, actress Sally Dexter revealed how she hoped the storyline would change things for Faith and her estranged son Cain.

After a betrayal a few years ago over his secret son Nate Robinson, he’s yet to forgive his mother after her recent return.

Sally said: “She wants a real relationship with them again, and that matters to her more than anything and it’s a big deal.

“She would certainly hope [it would bring them closer] and would turn herself inside out to make that happen.

“But it certainly brings all of that to the forefront of things. The relationship is very dramatic and heartfelt.”

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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