Emmerdale fans beg for Meena to return to ITV soap ahead of court scenes

Emmerdale fans are desperate to see evil serial killer Meena Jutla back on the ITV soap later this week, as she attends her pre-trial court hearing after being charged with 18 crimes

Emmerdale fans are desperate to see evil serial killer Meena Jutla back on the ITV soap later this week

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Emmerdale fans are desperate to see Meena Jutla back on the ITV soap – after she was left out of the show again tonight.

The evil serial killer will return to the programme later this week as she faces her pre-trial court hearing, as fans are desperate to find out whether she will plead guilty or not guilty to the 18 counts of the indictment.

She has murdered Ben Tucker, Andrea Tate and Leanna Cavanagh, as well as attempting to kill the likes of Victoria Sugden, her own sister Manpreet Sharma as well as Leyla Cavanagh.

Viewers of the soap are desperate to see Meena make her return and cause more havoc from the dock.

Meena’s set to appear in court later this week



“Can we have Meena on? Never thought I’d say that #Emmerdale,” one fan wrote.

A second shared online: “Save Meena! It’s going to be absolute s***e without her! #Emmerdale,” as a third wrote: “I have a feeling we will not be seeing the last of Meena this week… And honestly I hope I’m right! #Emmerdale.”

She has murdered a number of residents including Leanna



It comes after writer Sharon Marshall revealed on This Morning that writers considered keeping Meena on the ITV soap.

Speaking to hosts Josie Gibson and Phillip Schofield, Sharon said: “We do look at serial killers and go, is there a way to keep them in?

“Can people get away with it? So we said look, is there a way legally that she could go through this if she pleads a certain way, and the research team read out 25 counts of illegal activity she’d done just on-screen, that we knew about.

“Probably more off-screen. So she’s broken the law 25 times … probably not.”

Billy and Dawn were targeted by Meena



Meena’s full storyline has not yet been revealed by show bosses, but they previously teased she will get her “judgement day”.

“I think it’s fair to say that judgement day for Meena is coming. But whether she’ll get away with murder you’re going to have to wait and find out,” executive producer Jane Hudson teased, “There are still some more twists and turns to be had in this story. Some that you probably won’t see coming but I think we can all agree that Meena can pretty much do anything.

“But yes, Meena’s judgement day is coming. It won’t play out quite as you expect, there will be a lasting effect on a lot of the villagers but I think within the next few months, Meena will get what’s coming with her.”

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