Emmerdale bosses tease huge shock for Kim Tate as ‘dead’ son Jamie Tate returns

Emmerdale bosses have teased there could be a huge shock for Kim Tate this year if she finds out her son Jamie Tate, who she presumed was dead, is actually alive and well

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Emmerdale: Kim Tate makes a mysterious phone call

Emmerdale’s Kim Tate is in for a shock this year – when she realises her son Jamie Tate is alive and well.

Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) had been presumed dead after his car was found in a lake, but he is doing fine and is glad to be away from his mother Kim (Claire King). He is, instead, living with his young daughter Millie (Willow Bell).

However, Kim is completely unaware of the fact he is alive – and if she finds out how much he has ‘betrayed’ him, she is unlikely to be very happy as show bosses teased “huge fireworks” if she ever finds out.

Kim Tate would be fuming if she found out she was betrayed

Show bosses Jane Hudson and Laura Shaw teased to The Mirror and other press: “Up at Home Farm we know that Jamie Tate is actually still alive so obviously that info is still to come out – and what will Kim do once she knows?

“We know what a tough cookie Kim is but we also know that Jamie is her Achilles heel so we can expect huge fireworks if she ever finds out how much he has betrayed her.”

Jamie is still live and well



However, bosses haven’t confirmed if actor Alexander Lincoln will be making a return to the soap.

In scary scenes, viewers of the ITV soap were shocked as Jamie lost control of his vehicle after trying to flee the village. He managed to narrowly avoid a collision with Chas Dingle, whose daughter Eve was in the back of her car.

He was distracted by an incoming call from Gabby Thomas – the mother of his unborn child – and drove onto the other side of the road, swerving to avoid hitting Chas’ car as his car plunged into a lake.

Jamie’s car was pulled out of a lake



His car was pulled out of the lake a few days later by a search and rescue team, but his body was never recovered.

Kim has always thought her son was alive but resigned herself to the fact he wasn’t after he failed to turn up to Andrea’s memorial.

Crying to her on/off lover Will Taylor, Kim said: “He’s dead isn’t he?” as Will replied: “Yeah I reckon so.”

Breaking down in tears, Kim weeped: “He’s gone,” but the following scene showed Jamie alive and well as he surprised Millie.

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