Coronation Street viewers alarmed over Hope twist as Joseph is reported missing

Corrie viewers learned Hope Stape was up to no good again on the ITV soap, as it was revealed she knew more about her cousin’s disappearance than she’d claimed

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Coronation Street: Hope Stape hides Joseph Brown in the attic

Coronation Street confirmed a major twist for Hope Stape on the ITV soap on Wednesday, about her cousin Joseph Brown.

Joseph sparked concern with his family during the latest episode, as he appeared to run away from home.

The 10 year old had previously revealed he was being bullied at school over his dad not being able to pay for his school trip, and his clothes having holes in them.

When Chesney tried to get to the bottom of it, he went back on his promise to his son that he wouldn’t tell the school.

Joseph stormed off furious, and when his dad later went to find him he was panicked to realise he was nowhere to be seen.

Coronation Street confirmed a twist as little Joseph was reported missing



After asking around and trying to find him, the worried father decided to tell the police that his son was missing.

They soon got on to the case and searched the house and areas in the Street, hoping to find the missing little boy.

There was further concern when Joseph’s jumper was found in the ginnel, and it wasn’t long before Chesney’s sister Fiz found out what had happened.

Coronation Street confirmed a major twist for Hope State on the ITV soap, and her cousin Joseph Brown



As she and her daughter Hope questioned what had gone on, the 11-year-old troublemaker was acting strangely, while claiming not to know where her cousin was.

As the search continued, fans began to speculate Hope knew where he was and might have something to do with him disappearing.

Their fears were confirmed towards the end of the double episode, when Hope was revealed to be hiding Joseph in the attic of her home.

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Joseph was hidden behind a large box at the top of the house, with Hope offering him a bag of crisps.

So while his family were worried sick and trying to find him, Hope was hiding the fact she knew he was just a few houses away.

Taking to Twitter, fans predicted this would not end well given Hope’s past drama including her starting fires and also hurting her own sister.

Corrie viewers learned Hope Stape was up to no good again on the ITV soap



While Hope appears to have hidden Joseph because she thinks she is helping him, some fans think she knows exactly what she is doing – as others hoped she would realise the trouble she is causing by hiding him.

One viewer wrote: “Hope is defo 100% John Stapes daughter,” as a second agreed: “Hope is just like her dad.”

A third added: “Safe?? More like a junior version of Kathy Bates in Misery.”

Meanwhile a fourth fan wrote: “This sick plan has got to be Hope’s idea. She’s so messed up. Didn’t she learn anything the first time? Plus I thought the police woman checked the house?”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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