Emmerdale 2021 spoilers – baby bombshell, child abduction and Dingle tragedy

Emmerdale’s executive producer Jane Hudson has teased that 2021 will be a huge year for the Dales – from shock baby bombshells to a much-loved character’s return, they’ve got it all.

And for anyone worried about the future of the ITV soap after the government plunged the country into a third national lockdown, Jane confirmed that shooting would continue to go ahead as strict Covid-secure measures are in place to combat the virus.

She also reiterated how crucial soaps are at the moment with everyone locked indoors in the bleak aftermath of Christmas.

Speaking to the Mirror and other news outlets on Tuesday, Jane said: “It’s a massive year for Emmerdale, we’ve already planned the next 12 months so there is loads coming up.”

Confirming that shooting on the Leeds-based soap would go ahead, Jane said: “We returned to shooting on May 20th, which was during a national lockdown.

“The reason why we stood down in March is because we had no safety procedures in place. We put all of those in place and we checked everything, we made sure our cast and crew were safe to return to work. And that’s why we returned to work on May 20th and that’s why we can continue to shoot now.

“We have very strict procedures in place. We have social distancing, we wear masks, we have everything going on. So everybody is safe, everybody is well and everybody is allowed to be on set. It’s so crucial that people have something familiar in their lives. They’re something you can rely on everyday to be there.

“I think soaps are invaluable. And that’s not just Emmerdale, it’s Coronation Street, it’s EastEnders, it’s Hollyoaks, it’s Doctors, it’s Casualty, it’s Holby – we’re all there and we’re all making sure our viewers have that one place every day where they can escape this craziness for a night. So we’re there, we’re back, we’re shooting.”

With that said, here are all the Emmerdale soap storylines to look forward to in 2021…

‘Much-loved’ character’s return

“We have got a very much-loved character coming back to the village and that’s all I’m going to tell you,” teased Jane. “But they are fantastic, they light up the screen, there will be lots of fun with them.

“The actor/ actress has already returned to shooting and we are massively excited. So look out for a much-loved character coming up very soon. “

Paul and Mandy to wed – but will Vinny expose his dad’s abuse?

Emmerdale’s series producer Laura Shaw revealed: “We’ve made no secret that our Mandy, Paul, Vinny storyline is going to feature heavily going into 2021 and I think we’ve already seen Paul’s appalling behaviour has just got worse and worse.

“We’re just going to see more of that in the coming weeks as Paul’s gambling just gets out of hand and he’s going to be pushed to extreme measures to try and hide his problem.

“Meanwhile, as Paul becomes better at hiding what’s really going on, Mandy falls more and more in love with him which ultimately leads to a marriage proposal and a big old Dingle wedding is planned.

“But will Mandy and Paul really get their happily ever after? Or will Vinny finally be honest about the abuse that Paul is subjecting him to?”

‘Challenging’ storyline to end in tragedy for one character

“I think what we have planned is undoubtedly our most ambitious work since the dreaded Covid hit us,” Laura continued. “And it’s challenging, to say the least!

“But I know already it’s going to be epic and truly rewarding for our fans who love it when we go big. I can’t say much more than that, I don’t think, but what I can tell you is that ultimately, this story will end in tragedy for one of our characters, but the question is who?”

Child abduction horror

“There’s also an upsetting time on the horizon for Jimmy and Nicola, who are going to cross over into the Mandy and Paul storyline in quite a shocking way,” Laura said. “The audience will see that Jimmy and Nicola are being secretly watched and the couple are going to be frantic when Carl goes missing – who’s taken him?

“What starts off as a relatively small thing will turn into the biggest test we’ve seen of their marriage and their whole family, really. With betrayals of trust on both sides, it leads to lives being changed forever.”

Nate and Tracy become parents to a baby girl

Story producer Sophie Roper teased: “Expecting parents Tracy and Nate’s due date is approaching and, in true soap style, it won’t be smooth sailing as we lead to the birth of their little baby girl.

“As they adapt to becoming new parents, Tracy is going to be taking on a large share of the work and it’s going to be a real test for them as a couple as we push their relationship to the limit.

“However, as Nate becomes a father for the first time, we’re going to put a spotlight on his relationship with new grandad Cain and see them become closer. But will these two finally be able to bury the hatchet?”

Gabby Thomas to become pregnant with Jamie Tate’s baby

“The pitter patter of tiny feet won’t be just knocking on Tracy and Nate’s door,” Sophie continued. “We’ve got another new arrival that is set to send shockwaves through the village as Jamie learns he is going to be a father for a second time after a night with Gabby.

“Gabby is no stranger to life at the big house, but as Kim discovers that there is going to be a new heir to the Tate throne, a fight for power at Home Farm will quickly ensue.

“But as Gabby finds herself at the centre of a family at war, will she succumb to the manipulations of Home Fam? Or will she become the one that pulls the strings? So we’ve got big drama up at Home Farm to keep us busy in 2021.”

Which storyline are you looking forward to most in 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

*Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with additional episodes at 8pm on Thursdays

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