EastEnders’ Shirley moves in with Gray as fans spot clues he will murder her too

EastEnders ‘ Shirley Carter accepted killer Gray Atkins’ offer to move in with him in scenes on Monday that had viewers fly into a panic.

Just weeks ago, Gray killed his wife Chantelle, who he was beating, when he pushed her into the dishwasher and let her bleed out on the floor.

Now, as he struggles with his guilt and grief, the only person showing him kindness and understanding is Shirley, who is also falling out with her family as her son Mick Carter blames her for his childhood abuse.

Shirley caught Gray when he was about to burn down his house with the kids inside in a horror murder suicide plot, and she has been keeping an eye on him ever since.

But other fans believe Shirley will actually take down Gray because she will find out what he did.

“Hopefully it will only be a short period before Shirley works out that Gray has a killer secret on mind. I don’t think Gray would kill Shirley just because he has no reason to does he really. I think that Shirley will team up with Linda to bring him down #EastEnders,” predicted one.

“Shirley Shirley Shirley When you find out you are gonna KILL Gray,” added another.

Others even predicted Shirley and Gray would end up sleeping together including one viewer who wrote: “gray and shirley are a stunning couple, they would honestly have the square’s most beautiful child”.

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