Ducktales Showrunners Confirm Season 3 Will Be Last in Touching Letter

The creators of¬†Ducktales¬†shared a heartfelt message¬†on Twitter, officially confirming the reports that season 3 will be the show’s last. The cartoon may be¬†a reboot of a Disney classic, but this conception of the Duck clan is celebrated for going beyond expectations. The show’s¬†success¬†is in part due to¬†its¬†popular voice actors, including¬†David Tennant (Doctor Who), Danny Pudi (Community),¬†Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation), Bobby Moynihan (SNL),¬†Beck Bennet (SNL),¬†and¬†Toks Olagundoye (Castle). But what really made this version shine¬†is the fact that it¬†knows its audience well, so it gifts¬†viewers¬†with better-developed characters, more daring plot lines, and a seemingly endless array of puns, references, and Easter eggs for fans to enjoy.

This understanding of the show¬†comes straight from the top,¬†as in the co-creators Matthew Youngberg and Francisco Angones. The two exemplify¬†consistent passion for¬†Ducktales,¬†even in their goodbye letters that they shared on their Twitter accounts. The letter references the central theme to the show ‚Äď family and adventure ‚Äď then closes out with a Launchpad-style crash and a “woo-oo” from the extremely catchy theme song. Continue below to see the full letter and messages from various crew members:

As is often the case when beloved shows are a cancelled, fans have tried to reverse the decision with the #SaveDucktales2017. And while the show will be capped at 75 episodes on Disney XD, the characters could show up in content made for Disney+ as there are already rumors circulating about a Darkwing Duck spinoff. Until those rumors are confirmed, fans can strap in and enjoy the ride for the remaining 10 episodes. Ducktales will return next year on Disney XD.

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