Dopesick Finale (Episode 8) on Hulu: November 17 Release and Plot Speculations Based on Previous Episodes

The last episode of Dopesick is finally here on November 17, so get ready for the finale! The release date teases that there may be some clues to what might happen in the final episodes. As usual with any show, expect twists and turns. If you’re curious about where this series will go after its season ends on Hulu, read our spoiler-free preview!.

The “dopesick episode 8 preview” is a video that previews the upcoming episode of Dopesick. The show airs on Hulu November 17th at 10 PM EST.

Dopesick is a drama miniseries produced in the United States. The first episode of the series aired on October 13, 2021, and it tells the narrative of how Americans get addicted to opioids and try to overcome it. The series is accurate since we witness individuals struggling to break unhealthy habits in everyday life as well.

Now consider quitting a medicine that you believe is beneficial to you. The eighth and last episode is eagerly anticipated by fans, and we hope they see justice triumph. Do you want to be kept up to speed with the latest news? Then have a look at this article.

Information about the Release Date and More

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The last and last episode of the Dopesick miniseries will premiere on Hulu at 12 a.m. ET on November 17th. Although the series is not based on a real tale, incidences have occurred in which individuals have grown addicted to a variety of medications and have found it difficult to break free. Because it shows real-life circumstances and tragedies, the series is a must-see. 

Where Should You Keep an Eye on?

The series is available on Hulu, however it is not free. Those without a Hulu membership need not be concerned. The episode is also available as a Star Original on Disney+. Be prepared for an episode that will last over an hour.

Based on previous episodes, the plot that may be expected

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‘Smoke Abt’ is the title of the last episode of Dopesick. No, the authorities have yet to provide a summary, and considering that this is the last episode, there isn’t much to anticipate. However, it is expected that Rock Mountcastle and Randy Ramseyer would have no evidence to go against Purdue in the future episode, but DA Browlee believes that the pair will offer something important to substantiate their argument.

They may also approach Bridget for assistance. But what is she going to do? Will she be of assistance to them? Finnix might be crucial in solving the case of Betsy’s assassination. Finnix has the ability to bring down Purdue, but is he willing to do it in the sake of justice? He’s been concealing a document that demonstrates Purdue instructed his employees to counsel physicians and force them to prescribe OxyContin to patients as much as possible.

This might be the tipping moment, putting Purdue in jeopardy. Will justice be served? The viewer is left with a lot of unanswered questions, and they will have to wait until the end to find out what will happen.


Dr. Samuel Finnix is played by Michael Keaton, Rick Mountcastle is played by Peter Sarsgaard, Richard Sackler is played by Michael Stuhlbarg, Billy Cutler is played by Will Poulter, Randy Ramseyer is played by John Hoogenakker, Betsy Mallum is played by Kaitlyn Dever, and Bridget Meyer is played by Rosario Dawson. Stay with us to learn more about this wonderful news.

Dopesick is a show about the opioid crisis, and this week’s episode was no different. The finale of season one will be on Hulu November 17th. This episode also has some interesting plot speculation based off previous episodes. Reference: dopesick episode 7 recap.

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