Doctor Who: David Tennant & John Barrowman’s Torchwood Reunion Canceled

In the context of the ‘MeToo’ era, sexual harassment on the sets of movie and TV shows has faced increasing scrutiny. Barrowman’s behaviour has long been discussed by cast and crew members, some of whom dismissed the conduct as light-hearted or in good humor. However, with Clarke fielding a number of allegations, the alleged unprofessional culture on-set of the BBC show has been framed in a new context. Doctor Who executive producer Julie Gardner reprimanded the actor in 2008 for his behaviour on the set of Torchwood and Barrowman made an public apology at the time. There are no known allegations against the actor since this admonishment.

Whovians may be disappointed to learn the audio adventure Torchwood: Absent Friends has been cancelled. Captain Jack was a popular character in the Doctor Who world, noted for his cheeky rapport with the Ninth (Christopher Eccleston) and Tenth incarnations of the Doctor. The character was popular enough to lead the spin-off Torchwood through four seasons. However, fans will note the importance of taking sexual harassment allegations seriously. Cancelling the audio adventure may be the best course of action while the BBC investigate allegations of harassment on the Doctor Who set.

Source: Big Finish (via io9)

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