Debbie McGee explains Paul Daniels’ ‘head in jar’ gaffe ‘he’s watching over me’

Debbie McGee has responded after The One Show viewers were convinced she had her late husband Paul Daniels’ “head in a jar” behind her during her interview.

Fans were baffled as Debbie read out a good luck message to her friend Caroline Quentin ahead of her Strictly debut.

What looked like the head of Paul, who Debbie worked for as his magician’s assistant, was behind her in a strange jar.

Debbie has now confirmed it was actually just picture of Paul front of an antique mechanical toy inside a glass dome.

Debbie explained it was a photo of Paul behind a mechanical toy in a glass dome

She added that she found the whole thing hilarious and believed it meant he was watching over.

She told Daily Star Online: “I think he was there with me in spirit for the interview.

“He would think it is wonderful. We [friends and family] have had a a giggle about it. It isn’t normally there I moved it to clean. I looked at it afterwards and I can see what they mean.”

Debbie McGee was her husband Paul Daniels’ magician’s assistant

She joked: “I just think it was Paul’s way of letting us all know he is looking over us.”

Debbie wished Caroline luck in the sweet video filmed from her living room – but she had what looked like a bizarre ornament in the background.

One viewer had tweeted: “Is that the stuffed head of Paul Daniels?”

Debbie believes Paul Daniels was watching over her

Another remarked: “Debbie McGee keeps Paul Daniels’ head in a glass dome beside her fire. Now that’s magic! #TheOneShow “.

A third added: ” #theoneshow did Debbie McGee have Paul Daniels head in a terrarium?”

Debbie worked as Paul’s magical assistant until his death in 2016 from a brain tumour.

She gushed: “Hi Caroline, it’s me, the lovely Debbie McGee, i am just hear to wish you loads of luck for Saturday night, I am sure you will have a ball.

“And I don’t mind losing my title of the lovely Debbie McGee, because as soon as everybody gets to know you and your lovely naturally funny personality, you will be the lovely Caroline Quentin!”

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