Dawson’s Creek Actor Reveals Reboot Is A ‘Strong Possibility’

In the interview, Humes seemed unperturbed by the looming presence of social media and its ability to date the show, instead referencing the fact that Dawson’s Creek remains beloved and well-known to this day. As she noted, she is repeatedly asked about the possibility of a revival or reboot whenever she comes into contact with past viewers or critics. Humes ended her conjectures by emphasizing, “The fans are clamoring for it. They want to live the simpler life that, you know, we had back in 1998.”

As Humes acknowledged, convoluted teen dramas reign supreme in contemporary pop culture. The lasting popularity of shows like Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, and Euphoria heavily stems from their fast-paced, melodramatic plotlines. Characters solve abandoned murder cases, evade murder charges themselves, and usually weave in and out of relationships at breakneck speed. At the same time, Dawson’s Creek has found new life on Netflix, where younger generations currently have the opportunity to discover the series on their own. Despite its more low-key ambience, it certainly plays into the heightened wave of nineties nostalgia gripping mainstream media today. Moreover, considering the exhausting dramas of both television and the real world, perhaps viewers are, indeed, craving a return to something easier and simpler.

Source: People, ATX TV

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