Corrie’s Emma Brooker breaks down as she’s arrested over Scott twist

Coronation Street’s Emma Brooker broke down during Wednesday’s episode, as she was arrested for handling stolen goods.

Emma accepted stolen cash from criminal Scott in a recent episode, after he robbed The Bistro.

She came across watches and mobile phones in a bag, and Scott offered her £5,000 in exchange for her silence.

Emma was desperate for the cash, as her little brother Oliver continued his fight for life in hospital.

She gave the money to her dad Steve McDonald to pay legal fees as they prepared to challenge the hospital, about getting treatment out of the country.

Coronation Street fans felt for Emma Brooker as she finally told the police the truth

But the truth came out on Wednesday, after she was asked by the police about Scott and the money.

Scott had told them what he had done, but Emma denied it all only to confess to her dad.

A tearful Emma then realised, after consulting lawyer Imran, that she needed to go to the police and reveal all.

Scott gave Emma the money after the robbery

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She broke down as she explained why she took the money and stayed quiet, before admitting she knew she was wrong.

The officer told her she was in serious trouble, before arresting her on suspicion of handling stolen goods.

Emma was in tears, before telling her dad that it was more likely she would get community service than go to prison.

Emma was arrested after confessing to taking the money

Viewers still felt for Emma though, with one fan tweeting: “Feel sorry for Emma.”

Another said: “Emma was only thinking about Oliver. Can understand why Imran is acting like that but she didn’t mean to cause any problems.”

A third added: “Emma was only trying to help,” while a fourth said: “Emma is breaking my heart.”

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