Corrie spoilers for next week: Tyrone exposes Hope before Alina engagement

It’s a week of huge turning points in storylines on Coronation Street next week.

The ITV soap opera will see the aftermath of the fire in the salon flat continue as Hope Stape comes under fire when the truth comes out.

As her dad Tyrone Dobbs struggles with a big decision to make, he finds himself accidentally taking a big step with girlfriend Alina Pop and finds himself drawn closer to ex Fiz Brown as a result.

Meanwhile, as scheming Daisy Midgeley grows closer to Daniel Osbourne, her past begins to come to light and Alya Nazir learns just what really happened between Daisy and Ryan Connor.

Elsewhere, Abi Franklin takes steps to win justice for her murdered son Seb Franklin.

Here’s what to expect from the Weatherfield soap next week.

Tyrone tells police the truth about Hope

As Fiz Brown takes the blame for the salon flat fire next week in a bid to protect her daughter Hope Stape, Tyrone Dobbs can’t bear her to be punished for what her child did.

In an emotional conversation with girlfriend Alina Pop and grandmother Evelyn Plummer, Tyrone admits that Hope is responsible.

Coronation Street’s Tyrone Dobbs makes a devastating decision next week

As Fiz spends a night in a police cell, Evelyn points out to her grandson that Hope needs help, while Alina warns that he will be on him if Hope acts out again.

Tyrone goes to the police and admits the truth, prompting Fiz to be released without charge. While she tries to insist she is to blame, Fiz soon breaks down and begs them to not punish Hope.

Fiz is released with caution for her lies but soon faces Tyrone and is furious over what he’s done.

Fiz is in a cell after being arrested for the fire

Evelyn forces the former couple to unite for Hope and they later take Hope to the police station, with Evelyn acting as Hope’s appropriate adult.

In an interview, Hope confesses to the crime but says she never meant to hurt anyone.

Hope is subsequently charged. Will she face a fierce punishment in a trial?

The Street turns on Hope?

In the aftermath of the truth coming out, Tim and Sally Metcalfe feel sorry for Fiz and Tyrone in a conversation with Jenny Connor but it is clear that all are troubled by Hope’s actions.

More hardship is on the way for Fiz Brown

Soon, Fiz is dealt a further blow when her brother Chesney Brown says he and Gemma Winter don’t want Hope near their children as they see her as a danger.

Will the street clash further with Fiz and Tyrone as Hope faces punishment?

Tyrone accidentally proposes to Alina

Feeling isolated as Tyrone and Fiz draw closer, Alina goes drinking at the pub.

Emerging later she sees the former couple heading into Number 9 with chips to eat.

Alina later confesses to Tyrone that she feels isolated, with him responding that he imagined they would get married and have children.

Alina Pop is delighted when she thinks Tyrone has proposed to her

Due to this discussion, Alina wrongfully believes that Tyrone has proposed to her with the mechanic realising they are now inadvertently engaged.

Later as Hope faces sentencing, Tyrone reveals to Fiz that he and Alina are to be married, with Evelyn scolding Tyrone for the engagement.

Fiz feels like a fool for thinking Tyrone was ending things with Alina and focusing on the children.

Coronation Street airs fresh drama for the Fiz Brown, Tyrone Dobbs and Alina Pop next week

Later, Tyrone breaks down to Fiz and blames himself for everything that has happened.

In response, Fiz cracks open a bottle of bubbly for the pair.

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Abi seeks justice for murdered son Seb

Abi Franklin continues her quest for justice for her murdered son Seb Franklin next week as the trial of Corey Brent and Kelly Neelan nears.

Abi Franklin is advised on her victim impact statement next week

In a hate crime attack on Nina Lucas and her boyfriend Seb earlier this year, Nina was badly injured and Seb ultimately died of his own injuries.

In upcoming scenes, Abi will attempt to make a difference in the trial as she provides a victim impact statement.

Brian Packham hopes to help Abi channel her feelings when she writes the letter, but could Abi’s attempts to help just cause her darkest emotions to emerge?

Alya learns truth about Daisy and Ryan

After being left heartbroken by her belief that ex Ryan Connor had been unfaithful to her with Daisy Midgeley, Alya Nazir discovers the truth next week.

The truth about Ryan and Daisy is revealed

In a conversation with Rovers Return landlady and Daisy’s step-mum Jenny Connor, Alya discovers that Daisy had plied Ryan with alcohol and attempted to seduce him but nothing happened between them despite appearances.

Armed with the knowledge that Ryan did not cheat on her, will Alya confront Daisy and does this mean she and Ryan could find a way to mend their relationship?

Daisy divulges tragic past to Daniel

Daisy continues to pursue a connection with Daniel Osbourne next week as she tries to get close to the teacher through the poetry of Lord Byron.

However, Ryan Connor inadvertently exposes her lies when he reveals she has been looking up quotes on her iPad before the conversation.

Daisy Midgeley pursues Daniel Osbourne next week

Later in the week, Daniel’s son Bertie faces a potential medical crisis when it appears he could have swallowed a battery while being babysat by uncle Adam Barlow and his wife Sarah.

As Daniel rushes Bertie to the hospital, he encounters Daisy on the way who earnestly offers to help with first aid but he scolds her and makes his way past.

After it is clear that Bertie is okay, Daniel chats with Jenny and she reveals how hard Daisy was hit by the death of her brother Tom years earlier.

As Daniel chats with Daisy later, she opens up about what happened to Tom.

Also this week

Sally Metcalfe clashes with Izzy’s friend and street newcomer Fergus (Toby Hadoke) over parking issues.

Leanne Battersby clashes with Imran Habeeb over Kellly Neelan

Sarah Barlow hints to her husband Adam Barlow that they could have a child in the future while they babysit his cousin Bertie.

Nick Tilsley is pleasantly surprised by the business relationship that emerges between his wife Leanne Battersby and their new bistro partner Debbie Webster.

Elsewhere, Leanne faces tension with sister Toyah Battersby’s boyfriend Imran Habeeb as he continues to fight to help foster daughter Kelly Neelan but Leanne is siding with Abi.

*Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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