Corrie spoilers for next week – terror as shooting leaves three lives in peril

It’s terror on Coronation Street next week as a violent robbery results in three residents’ lives hanging in the balance.

Scott’s dangerous plan to rob the Bistro is put into motion, but it comes at a price as a number of people are placed in the firing line.

Will they survive the ordeal? Or will someone tragically die?

Meanwhile Geoff Metcalfe has moved onto his next target after stealing Yasmeen’s money and racking up debts against her name.

Here’s everything coming up on Corrie next week…

Scott’s violent robbery at the Bistro

Johnny’s old friend Scott will finally show his truly violent side as he attempts to rob the Bistro.

Scott had been blackmailing Johnny into taking part in exchange for him not telling wife Jenny about the pub owner’s secret criminal past.

Consequently, he had planned for Johnny to join him on the robbery.

But as Scott talks him through the robbery and reveals he has a gun on him, Johnny is horrified and says that he won’t take part.

Scott attempts to force Johnny into the car, but he ends up having a severe MS attack and collapses on the ground. He tells Scott that he needs his medication tries to reach for his phone but Scott smashes it to pieces and knocks him unconscious.

Meanwhile, Faye is acting as hostess while Ray is entertaining some investors at a poker as Craig sits at the bar to keep an eye out, not trusting the Bistro owner amid his dodgy reputation.

A masked Scott suddenly bursts into the Bistro and aims his gun at Faye, demanding that everyone does what he says.

He orders Ray and his friends to hand over the money.

Elsewhere, Johnny manages to stagger to the phone box to report a robbery to the police.

Craig hears the call on his radio and knows that he should wait for backup, but is incredibly worried about Faye.

As Scott makes his escape with the cash, he is encountered by Craig who attacks him with a chair.

However, Scott’s gun goes off and Craig slumps to the ground.

Will he be ok?

Scott threatens to kill Jenny

Later in the week, Johnny is threatened by Scott, who promises to take the pub landlord down with him if he is charged for the robbery.

Feeling incredibly guilty about what has happened, Johnny goes in search of the man who had been involved in the robbery he and Scott were a part of years ago.

Johnny asks an elderly woman on the street, who probes him on why he is loitering about, about Grant who used to live there.

She explains that Grant was her son who survived a robbery years ago but became an alcoholic and died after struggling with the trauma.

Johnny is devastated and decides to come clean to Jenny and tells her about his criminal past and that Scott was responsible for the Bistro robbery.

He also tells her that Scott tried to get him to be the getaway driver but that he refused.

Jenny is utterly appalled and is horrified that he let a gun wielding maniac into their home.

Johnny tells her that he is going to tell the police about Scott, even if that means that he will have to pay the price for his crime 30 years ago.

Scott turns up at the Rovers and tells Jenny that Johnny once left a security guard for dead, leaving Jenny horrified.

The pair don’t notice Emma, who has heard every word, and Scott later tries to buy her silence by paying £5k towards Oliver’s fund.

Later, Jenny finds a letter from Johnny telling her that he has gone to the police. She tries to call him, but Scott snatches the phone out of her hands and points a gun at her head.

Scott warns that if he tells the police about him that he’ll shoot Jenny.

What will Johnny do?

Geoff’s new target

Geoff Metcalfe will find himself a new target as Yasmeen discovers the extent of his thieving.

Alya is horrified after running a credit check on her grandmother to see a huge list of unpaid loans against her name.

Yasmeen admits that her estranged husband most likely duped her into signing her name on the forms and that she also signed hald the house over to him too.

Speaking with Imran later, the lawyer suggests that the only way that Yasmeen will be able to pay her legal fees is by persuading Geoff to sell the house and use Yasmeen’s share of the money.

Coronation Street

Unsurprisingly, Geoff won’t sell the house and revels in winding Alya up.

When Alya probes him about the loans, Geoff accuses Yasmeen of having expensive tastes.

Alya isn’t buying it and instead follows Geoff with boyfriend Ryan to find out what he’s really up to.

She discovers that Geoff is on a date, but is stunned to find out it’s an old lady called Doris from the hospital radio.

Yet she and Ryan are intercepted by police, who say that Geoff has filed a harassment complaint against her.

Geoff goes on to smugly meet up with his new girlfriend in a luxurious hotel…

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