Corrie boss teases ‘heartwarming’ Christmas Day episode after past ‘dark’ scenes

Corrie boss Iain MacLeod revealed the ITV soap wouldn’t be going down the ‘dark’ route this year, and promised ‘festive’ scenes amid the usual drama

Coronation Street boss Iain MacLeod has promised a “jolly” and “festive” Christmas Day episode this year, after recent dark scenes around the festive period.

In 2019, a terrifying siege left lives on the line and some dead, while last year Adam Barlow’s attacker remained at large as he woke from his coma.

This time around, residents will feature in “heartwarming” scenes amid the already teased drama.

Speaking to The Mirror and other press at a Christmas event, Iain revealed the festive period this year would be more “traditional” Corrie, with some hilarious moments to come.

Iain told us: “It’s quite jolly actually. Obviously there is a tradition on some soaps to go really big and dark and go a bit gothic at Christmas. Occasionally we have tipped our toe into that water. It’s fair to say this year is more akin to a traditional Coronation Street Christmas.

“It’s very funny in places. It’s very silly, and it’s really heartwarming and joyous.

Corrie boss Iain MacLeod revealed the ITV soap wouldn’t be going down the ‘dark’ route this year



“There is a really strong community vibe this year, where we were actually able to film it at a time where there was a window of opportunity, to do some stuff where the actors didn’t have to be two metres apart all the time.

“So it’s got more of that Corrie community on the cobbles kind of feeling that some of our past Christmas episodes had.”

He went on: “It’s very jolly, very community focused, very family focused. It has one of the silliest fights I have ever seen in anything ever, which involves the immortal line, ‘smell my marigold’ which I will leave for you to work out what that might refer to.

This time around, residents will feature in “heartwarming” scenes amid the already teased drama

“It’s a fantastically good hour of television, I have to say I watched it when I wasn’t feeling very festive, and by the end of it I had a kind of mince pie shaped lump in my throat.

“It’s really heartwarming, tears of joy rather than misery. It is just a glorious thing, I really hope the audience enjoy it as much as I did.”

ITV previously teased big spoilers ahead of Christmas, where it didn’t seem so “jolly” for some characters including Emma Brooker, Abi Franklin and Kelly Neelan.

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While these spoilers are for the festive period in general, there’s tipped to be the usual drama as others struggle to cope.

ITV confirmed: “A Christmas wedding has everyone excited, but as Emma prepares to marry her dream man she discovers Curtis is not all he seems.

“Her heart set on a big white wedding, will Emma be able to forgive the unforgivable or will Curtis be leaving Coronation Street without saying: ‘I do?’

ITV previously teased big spoilers ahead this Christmas

“Still struggling to comes to terms with murder of her son Seb, Abi turns all her hatred on Kelly. As she vows to drive her out of the street, Kelly starts a descent of her own.

“Kevin’s determined to pull his new wife back from the brink. With a little help from beyond the grave, can Kevin and Jack help Abi to find a way through her pain?

“Meanwhile, Nina is also overwhelmed by grief in the wake of Seb’s death. With Roy absent Asha is by her side, their relationship starting to blossom once more.

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“But as she struggles to deal with her rising anxiety levels it’s Carla who steps in and gives Nina the gift she so badly needs.

“It looks like it will be lonely this Christmas for Tyrone as Fiz makes plans with Phill and the girls.

“But taking pity on her ex, despite his affair, Fiz invites Tyrone to spend Christmas with them.

“As they drink and be merry Tyrone’s caught up in the moment and makes a pass at Fiz. Could this be the moment they’re reunited or has Tyrone seriously misjudged his kiss?

Coronation Street boss Iain MacLeod has promised a “jolly” and “festive” Christmas Day episode



“Sarah and Adam decide to bring their warring families together with a huge Christmas dinner. But as the Platts and Barlows sit down to their turkey, will we see goodwill to all men or is there too much water under the bridge for a game of happy families?

“Over at the Rovers, Jenny is finding the thought of celebrating a tough one after losing Johnny. But as the community rallies around her will Christmas spirit prevail?

“Daisy certainly hopes so as she finally makes a play for Daniel, while Nick is hopeful he can coax son Sam to open up in the wake of Natasha’s death and George plans a very special gift for Eileen.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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