Churuli Explained (Plot And Ending Explained)

The film “Churuli” is a perfect example of how the internet can be used for cultural enhancement and change. It offers an interesting view on Nigerian culture, as well as global culture in general. However, it has come under criticism from Nigerians who feel its portrayal of them damages their self-image.

“lijo jose pellissery” is a movie that was released in 2017. It’s about the life of Churuli, who is an Indian man living in the United States. The plot and ending are explained in this article.

Churuli Explained (Plot And Ending Explained)

Churuli is a psychological horror film directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery and written by Vinoy Thomas in Malayalam. The story revolves on two undercover detectives who go to the town of Churuli in order to catch a criminal named Joy who is hiding there. The officers begin to experience strange occurrences and seem to have gotten themselves into a situation from which they may not be able to escape. Here’s how the movie Churuli’s storyline and finale are described; spoilers coming.

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The following are connections to significant elements of the film:

What is the situation in Churuli?


Churuli is a location where humans are locked in a never-ending loop created by an extraterrestrial colony undertaking some type of experiment. The following are hints that this is an alien-driven situation:

  • The weird entities who appear in Shajivan’s visions on a regular basis.
  • Two other customers at the little café at the opening of the film remark a talk concerning aliens.
  • Finally, there’s that cluster of lights that forms a mini-moon at the end.

When regular people enter Churuli, they become violent and mean, signaling to the audience that something is strange about the location.

What is Churuli’s never-ending cycle?

The film opens with the narrative of a priest on the hunt for a terrible woodland monster. The creature, disguised as an anteater, leads the priest farther into the jungle. The circumstances of the film are similar to this narrative, in which a couple on the lookout for a criminal get lost in the woods.

In each cycle, four key roles are played by various people:

  1. The Bait: A thief who has committed poaching, child abuse, and murder.
  2. The Victim: The unwitting victim.
  3. The Persuader is an enchanted individual who uses the Bait to go from Churuli to locate the next Prey.
  4. A person who is finally slain by The Persuader is known as The Dead.

The Persuader convinces The Prey to come to Churuli by claiming that The Bait is hidden there. The Persuader is captivated, and he has no idea he’s luring The Prey to Churuli. When The Persuader arrives in Churuli, he immediately starts performing the same acts that The Bait is accused of. The Persuader murders someone in Churuli in the process. The Prey injures himself and is carried to an Enchantress, who heals him while casting a spell. The Prey and The Persuader try to flee Churuli with The Bait, and the cycle starts all over again. This time, though, the roles are reversed:

  • The Bait is forever stuck in Churuli and becomes one of the locals.
  • The Persuader is transformed into The Bait and becomes bedridden or crippled.
  • The Prey transforms into The Persuader, who leaves Churuli in search of the next victim, unaware that he is part of an ongoing cycle.

Confusing? Let’s start with the most important question…

Churuli: Who is Joy, exactly?

Despite the fact that Joy is a suspected criminal, we’ll need to take a step back and consider what could have happened in the previous cycle, or the events that occurred before to the events shown in the film Churuli. 

Joy was The Persuader in the previous cycle, and she was charmed and sent out to locate a victim. 

Joy meets Shajivan, The Prey, and the two go to Churuli in search of The Bait, an unknown criminal.

After Shajivan (The Prey) injures himself, he is brought to the Enchantress, who performs a spell on him.

Joy (The Persuader) is involved in a number of crimes, including poaching, child abuse, and murder. We don’t know who killed Joy, but we know it was someone in Churuli.

Joy (The Persuader) and Shajivan (The Prey) attempt to flee Churuli with an unnamed criminal (The Bait), but are stopped by that mini-moon, who begins a new cycle.

Joy is now The Bait, and she is immobilized. 

Shajivan transforms into The Persuader and departs Churuli, unaware that he has been charmed to locate the next victim.

This brings us to the beginning of the film Churuli.

The Plot of the Churuli Film


Shajivan (The Persuader) transports Antony (The Prey) to Churuli, claiming that a criminal known as Joy (The Bait) is hiding there. Shajivan is completely unaware that he is bewitched. They’ve disguised themselves as trench diggers hired by a guy called Thankan.

Because this is Shajivan’s second visit to Churuli, he believes he has previously been there, and the locals also recognize him. However, since these occupants, like Shajivan, are all charmed, their memories are fuzzy. When Shajivan plays the slapping game, he recalls the Enchantress’ home, which he had previously visited during the previous cycle. What Shajivan witnessed during the previous loop is also responsible for his nightmares and images of extraterrestrial activities. 

Antony (The Prey) gets injured again and is carried to the Enchantress. 

Poaching, child abuse, and murdering the person from the slapping game are among the crimes committed by Shajivan (The Persuader).

Shajivan and Antony reveal that they are policemen and go to Joy, who is immobilized. When Shajivan fires at them, revealing that they are under a collective trance, the villagers insult Shajivan and Antony and remain unaffected. Joy consents to the couple leaving Churuli with them.

Shajivan (The Persuader) and Antony (The Prey) attempt to escape Churuli with Joy (The Bait), but are stopped by that mini-moon, causing a new cycle to begin.

The Meaning of Churuli’s Ending


Joy, under the power of a strange entity, misdirects Antony and Shajivan to the center of a spiral route in the forest, much as she did in the prologue, according to the conclusion of Churuli. The strange moon’s emergence marks the beginning of a new cycle.

Joy’s strange return from paralysis reveals that he, too, has been charmed and was never really in control. We see Joy and Shajivan have shifted positions as the vehicle levitates. This means that Shajivan has now transformed into The Bait, and the film comes to a close.

The following is a prediction of what will happen next:

The Bait, Shajivan, will become paralyzed. 

Joy will become one of the village’s disgruntled residents.

Antony transforms into The Persuader and departs Churuli, unaware that he has been charmed to locate the next victim, and the cycle repeats.

What is the identity of the Enchantress (Vedic Massage Woman)?


The Enchantress keeps the cycles going by using medications to place these males under her control. Each of these guys seemed to be compelled by her magic to bring another unsuspecting victim to Churuli. If the events in Churuli are being caused by an extraterrestrial presence, the woman may not be human. Her entire purpose in life is to deceive others and keep the loops continuing, making her the film’s most important character.

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