Boris Johnson goes on the run from GMB at Tory conference as PM escapes Ranvir Singh

Prime Minister Boris Johnson famously hid in a fridge back in 2019 in a bid to avoid Good Morning Britain reporter Jonathan Swain

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GMB: Alastair Campbell says Boris Johnson is a ‘coward’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson once again evaded being interviewed on Good Morning Britain as he managed to dodge Ranvir Singh at the Conservative party conference this morning.

It has now been 1,563 days – over four years – since the prime minister has appeared on the ITV programme.

Hosts Susanna Reid and Alastair Campbell crossed over to the conference to speak to Ranvir as they asked her whether she had managed to catch a glimpse of the elusive PM.

Ranvir remarked: “You know he does a lot of running, don’t you? I imagine he’s preparing for running through the conference centre when he’s trying to avoid cameras because he was doing an excellent speed walk. Sort of an Olympic-style speed walk.”

Ranvir Singh attempted to talk to Boris Johnson



The ITV show then aired a clip of Johnson walking through the conference while flagged by aides as Ranvir called out: “Prime Minister!”

Johnson glanced over and put his hand up as she said: “Good Morning Britain would like to have you on the show!”

As he turned his back on her, Ranvir continued: “1,500 days it’s been, Prime Minister, since you’ve been on the show!”

The PM then appeared to disappear into a black unit, prompting Alastair to exclaim: “Black fridge!”

Boris Johnson ran away from GMB again



“That’s not a fridge, that’s a reception area,” Ranvir laughed. “Though, interestingly, I think he is going to do the Today programme and the Today programme is based right at the back of the building over here.

“So he’s gone that way, possibly to go round the back and go in that way. We’re not sure but it is a bit like a maze here. He did of course just do quite a long interview there on the opposing channel, but there you go. Nothing for Good Morning Britain apart from a little wave this morning.”

Johnson wouldn’t be interviewed today



It comes after Johnson hid in a fridge back in December 2019 to avoid questions from GMB reporter Jonathan Swain.

In a clip of the incident, one of the PM’s aides was seen mouthing “oh for f***’s sake” as the reporter approached the group while Mr Johnson joined an early morning milk round in Yorkshire.

Piers tweeted following the incident: “Cowardice is never a good look.”

*Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV

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