Bones Star Michaela Conlin Addresses the Possibility of a Revival

Though it seems likeĀ BonesĀ just went off the air, in this age of reboots and revivals, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if the show were to return. Series that aired around the same time, such asĀ DexterĀ andĀ Criminal Minds,Ā are already in the process of coming back. Additionally, Fox has shown its willing to revisit popular series, with the network bringing backĀ The X-FilesĀ for two new seasons from 2016-2018 andĀ Prison BreakĀ for an additional one in 2017. As viewers continue to discover and revisitĀ BonesĀ via streaming, a revival would be an easy ratings win for the network.

If BonesĀ were to return, it would likely be for a limited series rather than a full season. This would be easier story-wise, as the characters could feasibly come back together to solve a one-off case. That format is also likely the only way the entire cast would be able to return; as Conlin notes, many have other commitments at this time. Taylor is set to star in theĀ Law & OrderĀ spinoffĀ Organized Crime, and Boreanaz is currently leading CBS’Ā SEAL Team. Though there may not be aĀ BonesĀ revival in the works as of now, based on Conlin’s comments, it certainly could happen in the future.

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