Boba Fett Show Reportedly May Come Before Mandalorian Season 3

There’s a lot to break down in the report, though the information should of course be taken with a grain of salt. Provided theĀ Boba FettĀ show is indeed in the works and set to start filming soon, it could mean viewers see it on Disney+ within the next year. Additionally, if it does start shooting beforeĀ The MandalorianĀ season 3, it could serve as a good way to tide fans over until that show returns. It’s also possible the potentialĀ Boba FettĀ show could film but not actually air beforeĀ The MandalorianĀ season 3, though that’s less likely.

The categorization of the hypothetical show as a “miniseries”Ā is also interesting. WithĀ The MandalorianĀ more open-ended, it makes sense Disney and Lucasfilm want someĀ Star WarsĀ shows to have more contained stories. Plus, since aĀ Boba FettĀ movie was in the works at one time, a miniseries would be a good way to potentially keep the essential plot of that without watering it down too much. Though the report isn’t a guarantee theĀ Boba FettĀ show is actually happening, it’s certainly a promising sign.

Source: Deadline

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