Ben Barnes On Worst Thing The Darkling Does In Shadow & Bone Season 1

Over time, Alina recognizes that she has misplaced her trust in The Darkling, who seeks to wrest control of Ravka from the kingdom and install the population of Grishas as sovereigns of the land. With this revelation, she runs away from the Little Place and finds new, unexpected allies. By the end of the first season, she fights to defeat Kirigan, even as he attempts to force her hand and coerce her into a formidable partnership. Whether or not Alina truly succeeds is a question that remains up in the air.

While many book-to-television adaptations have reached Netflix, Shadow and Bone stands out as a compelling, carefully-rendered narrative that builds upon and deepens its original source material. Its detailed, intricately-constructed story arc explores numerous plotlines with a deft hand. The scope of its world-building would understandably flummox any television writer, but the fantasy series leads on with admirable confidence. Hopefully, Shadow and Bone earns a season two renewal and another opportunity to delve into the magical world of Ravka.

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