BBC received nearly 200 complaints over comedy branded ‘offensive to millions’

The BBC registered nearly 200 complaints over one of its comedy specials.

193 disgruntled viewers phoned up the Beeb to express their disappointment with The Goes Wrong Show’s Christmas instalment.

The broadcaster was previously forced to defend the episode, which saw a fictional amateur dramatic society present its take on the Nativity story.

But being the show that it is, the play went terribly wrong and slapstick humour ensued.

It’s since been labelled a “disgrace” and “offensive to millions of Christians.”

And the anger extended beyond Twitter, it seems, with the BBC forced to log a host of complaints.

Defending the episode after it sparked a backlash, the BBC issued a statement reading: “This programme follows the fictional Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society as they attempt to put on a variety of plays, always with disastrous and comedic results.

The Goes Wrong Show Christmas special sparked outrage among some viewers
The Christmas special was lambasted by some as offensive

“In this Christmas special, the troupe performed the Nativity, with the usual technical hiccups and blunders that viewers of the programme would expect.

“While it’s never our intention to offend or upset our viewers with what we show, it is perhaps inevitable that some aspects of our programmes will occasionally strike some in our audience as inappropriate.

“This is especially so within comedy; one of the most subjective areas of programming.

“Our Editorial Guidelines uphold the right to freedom of expression and the right of programme-makers to include material which some members of the audience may find inappropriate or offensive.

The BBC defended the special after it proved controversial
While it was defended by some, others decried it as ‘offensive to millions’

“However, we are always very conscious of how jokes might resonate with those with direct experience of the subjects we cover, and we never set out to mock or undermine their beliefs and experiences.”

“The Goes Wrong Show tonight in BBC 1 – appalling and an insult to the Christian religion,” one viewer raged.

Another branded it “so offensive to millions of Christians”, while a third lambasted it as “a disgrace.”

“I am a Christian and I found the show totally unacceptable,” they added.

Others enjoyed it, one telling those complaining to “get a life.”

The BBC logged nearly 200 complaints
The BBC logged nearly 200 complaints

“It. Was. Funny.” they reasoned.

“We cannot stop quoting the Goes Wrong Show Christmas specials at each other here,” another enthused.

“Haven’t laughed that much in ages,” a third tweeted.

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