Batwoman Fan Art Imagines Wallis Day In Signature Scarlet Knight Suit

A new piece of Batwoman fan art shows Wallis Day’s new Kate Kane in the iconic Scarlet Knight costume. Day was recently announced to be joining the Arrowverse series as a physically altered version of Kane, a role played by Ruby Rose for the show’s first season. After Rose’s voluntary departure from the series, Javicia Leslie was cast as new Batwoman Ryan Wilder for season 2.

Batwoman season 2 has made references to Kate Kane since it began, confirming that the character vanished from Gotham after season 1 but giving no concrete hints as to her status. The character has now been confirmed to be returning to Batwoman in an altered state, physically changed after a terrible accident. The new Kate Kane will be played by Wallis Day, while Leslie’s Ryan Wilder will continue to play the lead role of Batwoman. Ruby Rose has applauded Day’s casting in the role.

Though it’s unlikely that the new Kate Kane will be jumping back into the Scarlet Knight costume, fans of the character are nonetheless excited for her return. To that end, Instagram-based artist, spdrmnkyxxiii, recently posted a new piece of fan art showing what Day’s Kane could look like in full superhero garb. With Wilder still firmly leading the show, Day’s Kane will likely take more of a supporting role, but a potential hero team-up between the two could certainly be exciting to watch.

The Batwoman casting shuffle has led to some understandable but unfortunate difficulties as the show struggles to maintain a consistent viewership. Leslie has been highly praised for her compelling and groundbreaking performance as Ryan Wilder, as was Rose before her, but so many changeups so early in the series’ life have contributed to an overall drop in ratings. With many long-running Arrowverse shows either having recently ended or nearing their finales, Batwoman will hopefully be able to rise above its current struggles and continue as one of the franchise’s leading brands.

As Warner Bros. and DC put more effort into original programming for HBO Max and other CW series come to a close, the future of the entire Arrowverse remains somewhat in question. Given that Black Lightning’s impending conclusion will make Batwoman the only show in the franchise led by a non-white star, The CW will hopefully continue to put major support behind the show going forward. With Kate Kane returning to the story, Batwoman season 2 certainly has some exciting places it could go.

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